10 Reasons To Try A Sleep Study At Home

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Sleep Study At Home In Lincoln, NE… “What’s The Benefit?”

A sleep test that’s…
Easy. Convenient. Affordable.

A revolution in sleep health is taking place. What is it? If you guessed “a sleep study at home” or “home sleep test” you are exactly right! Gone are the days of spending the night at a sleep lab, which is pretty cool. It’s important to know that sleep is an essential component of our daily lives and plays a pivotal role in maintaining our overall health and well-being.

Why do an at home sleep test or “home sleep studies in Lincoln NE?” The benefits of doing a sleep study at home extend far beyond convenience. Quality sleep and adequate sleep are both vital for our physical, emotional, and mental functioning and an at-home sleep test offers profound insight into the intricate workings of our sleep patterns and can ultimately help diagnose sleep apnea. Let’s explore the world of at home sleep tests and help get better sleep.

What happens When snoring and sleep apnea are not treated?

Our Lincoln, NE Dentist for sleep apnea Explains…

Sleep apnea health concerns include memory loss, heart attack, stroke, depression, diabetes, and hypertension. An at-home sleep study can help determine whether or not you have sleep apnea.

In short, sleep and dental health are a very critical component in maintaining excellent health. Not treating sleep apnea and snoring can have serious consequences on your overall health and well-being.

Some potential consequences of not treating sleep apnea include:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Daytime Fatigue
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Reduced Quality of Life
Dr. Kim Polley, a dentist for sleep apnea in LIicoln, NE.

Think you have sleep apnea?


Take the quiz and score yourself.

What are 10 benefits of an “At-Home Sleep Study Lincoln, NE?”

  • Very easy to use.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Does not disrupt normal sleep or bedtime routine.
  • Helps eliminate anxiety associated an unfamiliar place.
  • Allows for more people to get tested, who otherwise couldn’t.
  • Accurate results.
  • Covered by many insurance providers.
  • Offers quick turnaround time for test results.
  • Eliminates the need to change your schedule for kids or work.
  • Can eliminate bed discomfort for those with neck/back issues.

Want to learn more about doing an At-home sleep test?

A woman who just woke up and is stretching after a good night's rest. Doing a sleep study at home could help you get a better night's sleep.

Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

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Already have your At-Home Sleep Test?

Sleep Study At Home vs Sleep Study In-Lab requirements

AT-Home Sleep Study requirements

  • Requires a doctor’s prescription.
  • Very convenient and is done in the comfort of your home.
  • Detects breathing patterns with sensors.
  • Monitors breathing patterns, not sleeping patterns.
  • Cost-effective.

In-Lab Sleep Study requirements

  • Requires a doctor’s prescription.
  • Requires an overnight stay in a sleep lab at a clinic or hospital.
  • Detects both sleeping and breathing patterns.
  • Can be better for those who have chronic conditions.
  • Can be costly depending upon insurance or lack of coverage.

Let Dr. Kim Polley Help You!

Dr. Polley is dedicated to helping you sleep better so you can improve your overall health and well-being.

What is sleep apnea?

Short and sweet, sleep apnea is when your breathing starts and stops multiple times while sleeping. Breathing is the way our body receives much needed oxygen, and having sleep apnea can, in turn, cause oxygen deprivation. Oxygen deprivation can lead to a host of other problems. So, let’s get to it.

Unfortunately, for many years, the only way to know was to see a sleep physician or sleep specialist, go to a sleep lab and complete an overnight stay in an unfamiliar bed, with tons of wires taped to your body. Uncomfortable, right?! Yes, it certainly can be. Fortunately, however, recent technology has evolved enough to allow for at-home sleep tests that can be done in the comfort of your own home and, more importantly, in the comfort of your own bed.

Watch "The Connection Between Sleep Apnea and Snoring" YouTube video.

Watch “The Connection Between Sleep Apnea and Snoring” Video.

How does An At-Home Sleep Study in Lincoln, NE work?

Severe apnea can affect your health. An at-home sleep test might be your key to getting restful sleep.

Your at-home sleep study will be guided by the expertise of our trusted sleep apnea dentist in Lincoln, NE, Dr. Kim Polley. She is excited to offer this convenient, effective solution for diagnosing sleep apnea related issues.

Doing A sleep study At Home in Lincoln, nE

A Convenient, Effective Solution For Diagnosing Sleep Apnea.

With our innovative approach, we provide you with a sleep study kit for use in the comfort of your own bed. Dr. Polley will determine if you meet the criteria for needing a sleep study, and if so, will then walk you through the process of getting your at-home sleep study set up. It’s really simple! And, although an at-home sleep study isn’t appropriate for everyone, it’s definitely worth asking about.

“A ‘simple fix for snoring and sleep apnea’ might be something as simple as a dental device,” that can also help with other things such as temporomandibular joint disease (TMJ) but do know that it’s important to talk to your healthcare provider to make sure you receive an accurate diagnosis with the proper treatment.

It’s possible that you could benefit from Botox® for jaw pain relief in Lincoln, NE (TMJ). In addition, it’s also possible you would benefit from a talk with our “Lincoln NE sleep apnea dentist,” Dr. Kim Polley, to determine the root cause of your problem to see if you might benefit from additional treatment to diagnose a breathing-related sleep disorder. underlying cause and find the most appropriate course of treatment. Check out Dr. Polley’s press release below.

“Home Remedies for Snoring and Sleep Apnea”… Do they exist?

Although home remedies likely won’t be the solution to your problem, there are many excellent ideas that are worth trying. Even better is that these are things you can try without spending much money. Another benefit, is that in trying some of these home remedies like losing weight, for example, you can often help improve your health in other ways, which makes it a win-win if it also helps you get better sleep.

Our Sleep Apnea Dentist Recommends You Consider the Following:

  • Quit Smoking
  • Treat allergies and congestion
  • Use a humidifier
  • Try raising the head of your bed
  • Consider exercising or yoga
  • Change your sleeping position
  • Lose weight
  • Avoid alcohol and sedatives
  • Consider using an anti-snoring device
  • Purchase a new pillow

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Dental insurance and payment options. Our Lincoln, NE dental clinic offers affordable payment options so you can get a better night's sleep.

Whether you have insurance or not, we know just how important your overall well-being is and paying for expensive medical or dental treatment can be overwhelming. Visit with one of our friendly business coordinators about our affordable dental payment plans. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep!

Young woman who is doing a sleep study at home. At-home sleep tests are offered by our dentist

Frequently Asked Questions About…

Doing An “At-Home Sleep Study lincoln, NE

Which is better an at-home sleep study or an in-lab sleep study?

An in-lab sleep study is considered the benchmark for determining sleep apnea, but don’t let that deter you from doing an at-home sleep study. “Sleep studies in Lincoln, NE” done at home can be of great benefit and get you back on the road to sleeping soundly again. There can be some limitations with at-home sleep tests, so ask a healthcare professional if it is right for you.

How many hours of sleep do I need for a sleep study at home?

For most, an at-home sleep study will be valid if the patient receives two hours of sleep.

Are there any disadvantages for home-sleep testing?

While an at-home sleep study is accurate and has helped many it’s important to know that a home sleep test doesn’t gather as much data as an in-lab sleep test. If you’re concerned you might have sleep apnea, there is nothing wrong with trying a home sleep test first, and then depending upon the results, receiving further testing from an in-lab sleep study.

What happens if I can’t sleep during a home sleep study?

While not being able to sleep is a real possibility for many, as it’s likely one of the reasons that led you to testing in the first place, you might be able to take a sleeping pill. Something such as a natural sleeping aid, like Melatonin or Benadryl, will be all you need, but be sure to ask your provider so you get the most accurate test results.

Is there anything I should avoid before a sleep study at home?

Caffeine. Having caffeine late in the day can disrupt your sleeping habits. If you often drink beverages with caffeine later in the day and have trouble sleeping, but don’t feel as though you have sleep apnea, consider setting a time of day at which you will stop drinking caffeine. Caffeine has may effects on the brain and can stimulate the mind, which, unfortunately, can also keep you from getting a good night’s rest.

Is a sleep study at home accurate?

YES! At-home sleep tests are very accurate. While they do capture information about your sleeping patterns they sometimes do not capture as much information as an in-lab sleep test would. With that being said, however, they are still widely used, and allow for a sleep apnea diagnosis in cases where in-lab testing might not be feasible (cost, mental health status, work schedule, family obligations, etc.). Find a sleep disorder expert today.

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The information on this page was written by Dr. Kimberly Polley.

This gentle Lincoln, NE dentists says: “I believe that everyone is entitled to a healthy life. I am happy to work with my patients’ concerns and help them overcome their fears. Consequently, once they overcome their fears, they can routinely receive the dental care that they need, resulting in a healthy, beautiful smile.”

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