Affordable Dentist in Lincoln, Nebraska

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Finding an Affordable Dentist It’s challenging to find an affordable dentist. We created this blog to help you find tips and tricks on saving money at the dentist! Follow our Nebraska Family Dentistry Facebook and Instagram for more great health and wellness tips. Convenience For Families At Northstar Dental, we understand that taking care of a family keeps many people very busy. That’s why we want to make it easy and affordable for you to receive the dental care you […]

Biological Dentist

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Your Biological Dentist in Lincoln, NE Are you looking for a biological dentist, or are you seeking biological dentistry in Lincoln, NE? The fact is, the human mouth is an excellent source of bacteria, and many things can add extensive amounts of harmful bacteria, making our mouth a source of uncontrolled inflammation. Things like braces, old fillings, failing root canals, and other poor dental work can all contribute to this inflammation. Sometimes, people look for additional ways to help manage the […]

Children’s Dentist


Affordable Children’s Dentist in Lincoln, NE Looking for a children’s dentist who can offer your child a comfortable appointment? Look no further! Here at Northstar Dental, our team is full of experienced dentists who are excellent at working with kids. We’ll help your child feel comfortable and safe. Our Children’s dentist welcomes your children to our practice. Our goal is to educate children on preventing cavities and if cavities are found, to treat them gently. If a child is too […]

Root Canal Safety for Your Overall Health

Root Canal Safety and Treatment Do you have a concern about root canal safety? Sometimes the nerve beneath a tooth becomes infected, and dentists must perform a root canal to remove an infected nerve. They do this by removing the infected nerve and using a filling to occupy the space where the nerve used to be. After removing the nerve, we’ll remove the blood supply and infection from the tooth. When we do this, we’ll leave some space behind.  If any […]

Sinusitis and Toothache 101

Sinusitis and Toothache 101: Can Sinusitis Cause Toothache? During this time of the year, sinusitis and toothache often go hand-in-hand. Sinuses are the chambers in our head that humidify the air we breathe. Most of the time, our bodies can keep our sinuses clean and healthy. However, bacteria thrive in the dark, moist environments, so our sinuses are the perfect candidates for bacterial growth. While cold cause most sinus infections, sinusitis can lead to an intense toothache. Sinusitis and Toothache […]