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Finding an Affordable Dentist

It’s challenging to find an affordable dentist. We created this blog to help you find tips and tricks on saving money at the dentist! Follow our Nebraska Family Dentistry Facebook and Instagram for more great health and wellness tips.

Convenience For Families

At Northstar Dental, we understand that taking care of a family keeps many people very busy. That’s why we want to make it easy and affordable for you to receive the dental care you need. With our extended evening hours and open offices on the weekend, you won’t have to miss work to take care of your teeth. We believe in being an accessible, affordable dentist for everyone. For that reason, we’ve worked hard over the years to make our dental treatments affordable for everyone.

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We accept most insurance plans. We’re happy to try to submit to any insurance company, but the most common we use are Tricare, Humana, BSBS, Aetna, Ameritas, Metlife, and more. We also offer payment plans to those in need, and we partner with Lincoln Dental Plans to keep your treatment affordable.

We’ll try our hardest perform any necessary treatments on a single visit if it’s convenient for you.

We have five dental offices in Lincoln for your convenience. Call us today or make an appointment online at any of the Nebraska Family Dentistry locations.

How to Make The Most of Your Dental Insurance Plan

Each insurance plan allows only a limited amount of dollar amount for dental treatment each year. Most of the time, the allowable amount is not enough to cover extensive dental treatment. Great things you can do to make the most of your dental plan are some of the following:

  1. Find out limitations of your dental plan: its maximum amount allowed for dental treatment and copays.
  2. Find out what is your calendar year for your insurance plan.  Unfortunately, numerous patients do not realize insurance benefits for each year cannot be carried over to the next year. The bottom line is: what the patient does not use, they lose.
  3. Find out what services are covered by your insurance dental plan. Not all necessary  services may be covered.

Frequently Asked Questions about Affordable Dentist Options

What if I don’t have dental insurance?

To keep dentistry affordable, patients without dental insurance can apply for dental payment plans. The two we suggest are Lincoln Dental Plans and CareCredit. Lincoln Dental Plans is a dental discount plan that makes any of our locations seem like a cheap dentist! The most significant difference, however, is that they’re able to do this without sacrificing high-quality dental care. Click the link to their website or give us a call to learn more.

On the other hand, CareCredit will allow you to pay for any treatment you need upfront! They’re able to do this by acting as a credit card. You pay what you need upfront, and you can then pay it off each month like a credit card.

I need emergency dental care but don’t have insurance. Can you help?

Absolutely. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, call us at 402-840-9783 right away. We can get your payment squared away at our office. However, with dental emergencies, it’s essential to see a dentist as soon as possible to get it worked out. When you come to see us, we’ll be happy to be an affordable dentist you can trust during your emergency.

What if I don’t have insurance or a dental payment plan?

Not to worry. We have options for you too! A quick and easy way to keep your treatments cheap is to pre-pay on your services. Pre-payment entitles you to significant discounts on treatment. Additionally, we offer dental payment plans of our own, and we’d be happy to help you find a great option!

How can I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill in person, over the phone, or online using any one of our accepted payment methods. If you’d like to pay your bill online, use the form at the bottom right of the website!

What if my dental insurance doesn’t cover my treatment?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Unfortunately, most dental insurance isn’t like health insurance. It isn’t built to cover the full cost of  your treatments. Instead, it’s important not to base your treatment on what your insurance covers. Similarly, you should be aware of what your insurance plan does cover so you can be sure to use it efficiently. If you have any questions about your insurance plan, please give us a call. We’re happy to help!

We hope to see you soon at our office. Follow us here on our blog, at our NFD Wellness Blog, or on Facebook to keep updated on dental tips & tricks!


The Northstar Dental Team

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Biological Dentist

Your Biological Dentist in Lincoln, NE

Are you looking for a biological dentist, or are you seeking biological dentistry in Lincoln, NE? The fact is, the human mouth is an excellent source of bacteria, and many things can add extensive amounts of harmful bacteria, making our mouth a source of uncontrolled inflammation. Things like braces, old fillings, failing root canals, and other poor dental work can all contribute to this inflammation. Sometimes, people look for additional ways to help manage the many things that can occur inside the human body, and biological dentistry may be the answer.

Fortunately, this type of inflammation can be addressed by a biological dentist. A biological dentist, while not the same as a natural dentist, is a dentist that is concerned about using safe, biocompatible procedures and materials in your mouth.


It’s important to remember that everything in your mouth affects your entire immune system. You are one large system, and your body is the entryway into that system. If you have a piece of dental work that remains permanently in your mouth – whether it’s a crown, filling wire, etc. – your immune system will be continuously exposed to it.

If something in your mouth is challenging to your immune system, your entire body is being tested 24/7. The solution? A biological dentist is a dentist that is more proactive in preventing inflammation caused by dental materials or dental problems. Do your research and find out what it’s all about. When you are ready, search for biological dentistry in Lincoln, NE.

Is Dental Mercury a Problem? Should you look for biological dentistry in Lincoln, NE?

The most common hazardous material used in dental work is mercury. Mercury has long been used in fillings. However, it is a known fact that mercury is a dangerous substance with many risks. In spite of this, it is routinely used for permanent dental work in patients’ mouths when placing amalgam fillings. Research tells us that mercury emitted by amalgam fillings does have an adverse impact on our health, and does indeed challenge our immune systems. Not everyone needs to look for biological dentistry in Lincoln, NE, but most definitely, everyone needs to look for a dentist who doesn’t use amalgam.

We all have a certain amount of tolerance to different toxins, and many patients do have a tolerance to fillings containing mercury. However, for patients with overall health problems, especially those with autoimmune disorders, mercury fillings only increase the challenges endured by their immune systems, putting unnecessary stress on their overall health.

Still not convinced?

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) created the following video to show what it looks like when plumes of mercury vapor are rising off a tooth with a mercury-laden filling.

If you have a traditional silver filling, the process depicted in that video is happening right now in your mouth. Conventional dentists may tell you that mercury-laden fillings are safe, but you should not believe them.


Dr. Kathryn Alderman

is our biological dentist and is a proud member
of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

Image of Dr. Kathryn Alderman who does biological dentistry in Lincoln, NE.

Call us today if you are concerned about your mercury fillings, or make an appointment online to see Dr.Kathryn Alderman at her South, North or Central location in Lincoln, NE.

Frequently Asked Questions about Metal-Free Fillings & Biological Dentists

We’re more than happy to answer your questions! Please give us a call at 402-742-0000. For our most frequently asked questions, read on below.

What kinds of dental materials are biocompatible?

A biocompatible material is any material used that won’t challenge our bodies. Certain dental materials which dentists regularly used  in the past are not biocompatible. Amalgam fillings are a great example of commonly used, non-biocompatible dental material. In the past, dentists used amalgam fillings as the industry standard for fillings. Now, dentists know from a growing body of research that amalgam is harmful. As a result, most dentists have switched over to white composite fillings, which are much safer.

Should I have my metal fillings replaced with white fillings?

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. We recommend metal-free fillings, as they’re much safer. If you’d like to have your old fillings replaced, give us a call. We’re happy to provide you with metal-free fillings, which are entirely biocompatible. If you aren’t sure, make an appointment, and we can evaluate your old fillings.

What are other problems associated with mercury fillings?

In recent years, researchers have documented many health problems associated with mercury fillings. These problems range from heart diseases to lung issues and everything in between. This is because everything we eat passes through our mouths. So, if trace amounts of mercury exist in our mouths, they’ll make their way into the rest of our bodies too.

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Children’s Dentist

Affordable Children’s Dentist in Lincoln, NE

We think finding a good dentist for your child is important. We understand and are here to share the basics with you. In our article we’ll cover:

  • Do children need to go to the dentist? We’ll explain the importance of finding an outstanding dentist for children.

  • Do general dentists see children? What choosing a good dentist for children could mean for your child!

  • How often should a child see a dentist? Answers to frequently asked questions about children’s dentists.

Looking for a children’s dentist who can offer your child a comfortable appointment? Look no further! Here at Northstar Dental, our team is full of experienced dentists who are excellent at working with kids. While we aren’t technically a pediatric dental office with pediatric dentists, we sure do what we can on our end to provide your little one with outstanding dental care. We’ll help your child feel comfortable and safe while in our care.

Our team of children’s dentists welcomes your child or children to our practice. Our goal is to educate children on preventing cavities and if cavities are found, to treat them gently. If a child is too young and requires extensive dental treatment, we may refer them to a pediatric dentist at Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry a Children’s Pediatric Dental Office, which is located right across the street from us.

We enjoy seeing children at our office and recommend that your child’s first visit be around one year of age to introduce them to the dentist and to start them on the right track in understanding cavity prevention.

What is the importance and benefit of going to a children’s dentist?

Any children’s dentist can play a significant role in the overall health and well-being of your child. The leading causes of caries in children:

  • Access to pop
  • Excessive sugar intake
  • Inability to brush and floss due to underdeveloped dexterity
Image of a young girl with a beautiful smile after finding a children's dentist in Lincoln, NE.

Children’s teeth start growing from infancy and into late childhood. If children have any dental problems during childhood, they may continue into adulthood. It is essential to address any dental issues during childhood, so a child can have healthy teeth during adulthood.

Taking your child to a children’s dentist will help your child to start developing healthy dental habits at an early age. Children’s teeth should be kept healthy so they can easily chew food, speak clearly, and smile with confidence.

A children’s dentist can help prevent cavities and tooth decay which can lead to discomfort, concentration difficulties, and other medical problems. It’s suggested to visit your children’s dentist by the age one. This is when your dentist teaches you how to care for your child’s teeth to help ensure they reduce the risk of cavities.

Why choose a children’s dentists?

Children’s dentists are educated to be able to work with kids. While we don’t staff any pediatric dentists at our office, we are well-versed at working with children. If you would like to visit a pediatric dentist, we can refer you to our partners at Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry. They’re licensed pediatric dentists, and they would also be an excellent resource for you and your family.

Instead of taking your child to your regular dentist, is it better to take them to a children’s dentist? The bottom line is that a pediatric dentist isn’t much different from a regular dentist; they just have more experience in caring for the dental needs of children. A pediatric dentist, such as those that can be found at Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry, are dentists that see only children.

Children’s dentist teaches healthy dental habits

A children’s dentist also teaches you how to teach your child the right brushing habits and to stop on-demand nighttime breastfeeding when the first teeth appear. They also teach parents the importance of encouraging children to drink milk, juice, and water from a cup as they reach their first birthday. This is essential as many children develop cavities just because they fall asleep with a bottle of juice or milk in their mouth.

Children’s dentists are trained in dealing with children and make it a point to teach your child to establish positive, long-lasting relationships with proper oral care habits. Strong childhood oral health habits will help ensure that your child takes good care of their teeth and gums throughout their lives.

If you are looking for a gentle, kind, and patient children’s dentist in Lincoln, NE area, we’d love the opportunity to meet your child and provide them with outstanding dental care meant just for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions about Children’s Dentists

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about children’s dentists.

Why is a children’s dentist important?

A good children’s dentist can change the course of your child’s life! By instilling good habits at an early age, you’ll promote a lifetime of good oral hygiene. A good children’s dentist can help educate you, the parent. They’ll be full of great tips and tricks for encouraging good home-care techniques. Ultimately, you’ll be the biggest influence on your child’s oral health. However, we can help you get it right for the sake of your child.

How can I ensure my child’s taking care of their teeth?

Be sure to brush and floss with your kids. You’ll need to make sure they’re doing it correctly. One of the most important ways to do this is by doing it well yourself. Make sure to brush twice daily and floss every day. This will show your child that you’re dedicated to oral health, and not just telling them to be.

I’m looking for a pediatric dentist in Lincoln. Where should I go?

While our team is excellent with kids, we’re also partners with exceptional pediatric dentists in Lincoln. If you’re looking for a great pediatric dentist, Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry is the place to go. We’re happy to help introduce you to them! Click the link to their website to learn more.

Finding a Children’s Dentist Who Cares

When searching for any kind of dentist, it’s important to find someone who truly cares. The importance of finding a caring dentist is even more significant when it comes to your children. That’s why our team at Northstar has worked so hard to become exceptional at caring for people of all ages. When it comes to your kids, we believe we can offer them an excellent experience at the dentist. We look forward to working with you!

The information on this page was written by Dr. Michael Burbach.

This gentle Lincoln, NE dentists says: “I am committed to providing my patients with the ultimate in dental health care, by using the latest techniques and equipment that will allow comfort during dental procedures. My team and I at Northstar Dental are dedicated to providing you with a comfortable and safe environment for both adults and children. My goal as a dentist is to provide you and your family with high quality and gentle dental care so you can have a healthy mouth for a healthy life.”

You can schedule with this Lincoln, NE dentist, or his partners, online 24/7 at his North Lincoln Location of Nebraska Family Dentistry. This “dentist near me” serves the local communities close to Northstar Dental in Waverly, Davey, Raymond, Garland, Ceresco, Greenwood, and Malcom.

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Root Canal Safety for Your Overall Health

Root Canal Safety and Treatment

We think it’s important you know all the details: In our article, we’ll cover these important topics:

  • Are root canal procedures safe? We’ll explore root canal safety solutions.

  • Root canal or tooth extraction? We’ll explain which teeth are better for root canals.

  • Will a tooth abscess go away with antibiotics? We have great information about infected teeth.

  • What can I do instead of a root canal? Alternative options explained!

Do you have a concern about root canal safety? Sometimes the nerve beneath a tooth becomes infected, and dentists must perform a root canal to remove an infected nerve. They do this by removing the infected nerve and using a filling to occupy the space where the nerve used to be. After removing the nerve, we’ll remove the blood supply and infection from the tooth. When we do this, we’ll leave some space behind.  If any bacteria remains in this space and not all of it is removed from this area during the root canal process, the tooth can become a source of chronic infection due to remaining bacteria inside of its root space.

The main concern with root canal safety is all of the bacteria can be removed. According to the research, not all bacteria can be removed from the infected tooth.

The Links between Root Canals and Other Diseases

Although it is not possible to completely remove all of the bacteria during a root canal, modern methods of performing root canal treatment are generally quite effective. When a root canal is performed, the tooth can often be saved for several years. It is crucial for patients to know that root canal therapy is an excellent solution for treating large cavities, and the next great alternative is the removal of teeth and placement of implants.

What is the solution for root canal safety?

It is vital to find a dentist who understands the importance of effective removal of the bacteria in order to avoid residual infection as well as carefully examining the tooth to ensure that it is eligible for root canal therapy. Some teeth have an extensive infection, which will not have a good prognosis after root canal therapy.

Which teeth are candidates for a root canal?

Teeth that are cracked, broken, or otherwise injured usually do not contain a significant amount of harmful bacteria. These types of conditions typically cause acute inflammation. We can preserve most teeth in these cases.

woman root canal safety lincoln northstar dental dentist ne

What about abscessed or infected teeth?

When patients have had an infected tooth for a long time, it usually results in an abscess. Root canals on teeth with large abscesses usually will not offer the patient a long-term solution. This is because it is very challenging to remove all of the harmful bacteria associated with these types of infections. The incomplete removal of bacteria can result in a chronic, low-grade infection. Many patients have a high tolerance for this type of low-grade infection. However, patients with autoimmune disorders will struggle to manage their medical conditions as a consequence of having an infected tooth. Even in healthy patients, this type of infection will add stress to the immune system and can contribute to other health conditions.

What are my options if a root canal will not work?

If your tooth does not have a good prognosis for root canal therapy, an excellent option is to take the tooth out and replace it with an implant. When teeth are removed, it is always a good idea to replace them due to the negative consequences of having missing teeth. Adjacent teeth will drift into space the extracted tooth occupied previously, causing undue stress on other teeth, impaired chewing function, and problems with gum disease and cavities. Therefore, dental bridges and dental implants are two options that are available to replace missing teeth. It is essential to be educated on these options before deciding to take teeth out.

Dental Implants –Dental implants are an excellent option for replacing missing teeth.

Dental Bridge – When someone has one or a few missing teeth, we can often place a bridge to fill the gap.

If you’re concerned about your teeth or have any questions about the root canal safety and its process, make an appointment online or give us a call!

You can also email me directly at

– Dr. Kathryn Alderman

The information on this page was written by Dr. Kathryn Alderman.

This gentle Lincoln, NE dentists says: “Dental anxiety or dental phobia, affects millions of people across the United States. If you’re one of them, you should know that you aren’t alone. There’s no need to feel embarrassed, ashamed, or afraid when you’re with us. We’ve helped several patients in the past through their dental anxiety, and we’re happy to help you, too. Dr. Kathryn Alderman, dentist for dental anxiety in Lincoln, NE, has worked with thousands of patients suffering from dental anxiety in Lincoln and surrounding communities. Throughout the process, she’s helped patients overcome their fears.”

You can schedule with this Lincoln, NE dentist, or her partners, online 24/7 at her North Lincoln Location of Nebraska Family Dentistry. This “dentist near me” serves serves the local communities close to Northstar Dental in Waverly, Davey, Raymond, Garland, Ceresco, Greenwood, and Malcom.

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Sinusitis and Toothache 101

Sinusitis and Toothache banner

Sinusitis and Toothache 101:

Can Sinusitis Cause Toothache?

sinus pain and toothache emergency dental care lincoln ne

During this time of the year, sinusitis and toothache often go hand-in-hand. Sinuses are the chambers in our head that humidify the air we breathe. Most of the time, our bodies can keep our sinuses clean and healthy. However, bacteria thrive in the dark, moist environments, so our sinuses are the perfect candidates for bacterial growth. While cold cause most sinus infections, sinusitis can lead to an intense toothache.

Sinusitis and Toothache 101:

What are the major sinuses, and where are they located?

Sinusitis and Toothache doctor

We have a few different sinuses, and all of them are located in a facial area. The diagram below will give you a better idea of where the sinuses are located and the difference between healthy and infected sinuses.

Just beneath the lower sinuses, the roots of our upper teeth come into close contact with what are called our “maxillary sinuses.” These are the sinuses that can be affected by toothaches.

Sinusitis and Toothache 101:

Can Sinusitis Cause Toothache?

woman experiencing toothache

According to Hupp’s Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery textbook, “ Dental Infection from top back teeth can affect maxillary sinuses directly, leading to the symptoms of  sinusitis.”

Approximately 20% of cases of maxillary sinusitis are odontogenic.” 

In other words, abscesses of the upper back teeth can eat through the bone can invade the maxillary sinus, leading to  1 out of every 5 cases of maxillary sinus infections causing a toothache. For more information and tips on how to prevent toothaches, check out our guide here.

Sinusitis and Toothache 101:

Can Tooth Infection Lead to Sinus Infection?

A Case of an Abscess Close to the Sinuses.  The following is an x-ray of a tooth that previously had a root canal was done, and a crown put in. Looking closely, you can see that the infection never fully healed at the roots.

sinusitis toothache for emergency dental care lincon ne

The sinus has been colored blue, and the tooth infection has been colored red. In this case, the infection and the sinuses do seem to overlap.  The presence of a dental infection doesn’t necessarily mean that it can spread into the sinus or caused a sinus infection. The x-ray is only a snapshot of the area from the front perspective, so it’s possible that the abscess is in front of or behind the sinuses.

On the other hand, the x-ray does tell us how close the maxillary sinus is to the upper teeth, and it is essential to note that there is only a thin membrane between the roots of the upper teeth and the sinus, so it is very easy for an infection to travel into the sinuses. Thankfully, while the person in this x-ray likely had a severe toothache, they did not exhibit any signs of a sinus infection.

It’s incredibly uncommon for patients to develop toothaches as a result of sinusitis. With that being said, we do see these cases a few times each year. Luckily, these toothaches can be fixed without extensive dental care. In other cases, if you have a toothache, you should see your dentist immediately.

The Problem with Toothaches

If you have an achy tooth, the problem is likely much bigger than a simple cavity. Cavities won’t hurt, so if you’re experiencing any discomfort, it’s probably something else. In all likelihood, toothaches are caused by the travel of decay down to the root. If this is the case, we’ll perform a quick root canal, and you’ll be back to normal. In any case, be sure to come in and see your dentist. There, they’ll be able to take a look at your tooth and figure out what’s going on that’s causing your toothache.

Sinusitis and Toothache 101:

A Case of Sinusitis Caused by a Toothache

Sinus Infection Toothache and Tooth pain

The following shows a person with chronic sinusitis caused by a metal post that was put into one of the upper back teeth. The x-rays reveal that the metal post pierced through the edge of the teeth, protruding slightly into the bone. The result was an abscess that leaked into the nearby sinus.

Due to the fracture in the tooth caused by the metal post, the tooth pictured was extracted. It was reported that during the extraction, the bottom part of the tooth broke off and be pushed into the sinuses. In the process of retrieving the root fragment, the sinus was opened up, and the infection removed.

Sinusitis and Toothache 101:

What can you do to prevent sinusitis and toothache

When the air is dry, it’s important to keep our nasal passages moist. A great, easy way to do this is to sniff a saline solution into nose 2-4 times a day.  Drug stores also sell pre-made nasal saline products such as Ocean, Simply Saline, or other generic equivalents. These solutions are used to wash away mucus from the nasal passages by shrinking any parts of the membrane that are swollen. Otherwise, mucus and the swollen membranes may block the openings of the sinuses into the nasal passages.

Sinusitis can then occur if nasal bacteria infects the mucus. When this happens, the mucus can no longer drain from the blocked sinus. Rather than having to treat sinus infections with antibiotics, you can prevent them by keeping these nasal passages moist.

Sinusitis and Toothache diagram

Frequently Asked Questions about Sinusitis and Toothache

Can a sinus infection cause a toothache?

Yes, a sinus infection can cause a toothache. While it may seem strange, sinusitis and toothache are actually a somewhat familiar combination. You can develop a toothache from a sinus infection. Because the maxillary sinuses rest just above the upper back molars, sinusitis often causes these teeth to hurt.

Can wisdom teeth affect your sinuses?

Impacted wisdom teeth can put pressure on the sinuses, causing pain and congestion to develop. If an infection is present, it can spread to the sinuses.

How do you relieve sinus pressure in your teeth?

Drinking plenty of water is key to relieving sinus congestion. Breathing in hot, moist air can help to open your nasal passages and relieve sinus pressure. Rinsing your sinuses with a saline solution can help to moisturize your sinuses while clearing away allergens and discharge. If home remedies aren’t effective, prescription medications such as a Zpak is an option.

How long does a sinus toothache last?

How long a sinus toothache lasts depends on a variety of factors. However, sinus toothaches can last anywhere from a single day to a couple of weeks. If you do have a sinus toothache, seeing your dentist can help significantly. For Lincoln, Nebraska residents, you can schedule today with any of our locations using the form at the bottom.

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