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Cost of Dental Veneers in Lincoln, NE?

The Cost of Dental Veneers in Lincoln, NE

If you’re looking for a versatile, good-looking smile solution, you’ve come to the right place. Here we explain and analyze the cost of dental veneers.

Many patients are in search of that perfect smile. For that reason, dental veneers are an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure. Whether it be perfectly white teeth, correcting chips, or covering misshapen or crooked teeth, dental veneers could be the perfect cosmetic solution for you. Dental veneers are about the same thickness as a contact lens and cover the top surface of teeth, masking any imperfections.  Unlike a crown, a veneer only wraps around the front of the tooth instead of encasing the entire tooth. To place dental veneers, we’ll remove less tooth structure before bonding, and because of that, this procedure is considered to be a more conservative option than dental crowns.

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Dental Veneers and Instant Orthodontics

For many patients, porcelain veneers replace the need for orthodontics, and that is why we call dental veneers instant orthodontics. By placing dental veneers, we can fix common dental imperfections, the same as traditional orthodontics but without wearing braces for years.

How do we place dental veneers?

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Veneers are usually a two-step process. Once you’ve had your initial cosmetic evaluation, we bring you in to prepare your teeth for the veneers. At the beginning of your appointment, we’ll take an impression of your teeth. We’ll use this to fabricate your temporary veneers while you await your permanent ones. Once you are numb and comfortable, Dr. Burbach or Dr. Alderman will remove just enough tooth structure to allow the dental veneers to fit in naturally.

Once we reshape your teeth, we’ll take another impression. Then, we send this mold will to our dental laboratory. There, technicians will make your permanent veneers. This process takes about two weeks. After two weeks, we’ll remove your temporary veneers, and have your permanent veneers ready. Finally, we’ll bond them in place, and you’ll have a new, beautiful smile.

What are dental lumineers?
Is the cost of lumineers different from veneers?

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Lumineers are different than traditional veneers. They are thinner than a traditional veneer at only 0.2mm and have a high translucency. Because of this, they most resemble natural tooth enamel, and little to no tooth structure needs to be removed because they are so thin. For minor discoloration or changes to your smile, Lumineers may be an excellent option for you. Unfortunately, lumineers is not a great option for fixing imperfections, such as gaps between teeth, crowding, or for any other significant cosmetic changes.

Other disadvantages of Lumineers are:

  • If no tooth structure is removed, some feel Lumineers can look “bulky.”
  • Little room for adjustment since they are so thin.

The cost of Lumineers in compare to Veneers?

Lumineers can be a more expensive option than a traditional dental veneer. The cost of Lumineers per tooth in Lincoln, NE can be around $1100.

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Average Cost of Dental Veneers

NorthStar Dental is committed to being an affordable dentist that offer competitive, fair prices to our patients. Because of this, there are a few factors that will affect the cost of dental veneers. The main factors affecting the cost of dental veneers will be case difficulty and if a different material is requested or necessary to achieve the desired result.

The cost of dental veneers will also depend on how many veneers you have made and whether your insurance or dental discount plan will cover any of the cost. Dental veneers are an elective cosmetic procedure in most cases. Therefore, most insurance plans will not cover any of the cost of dental veneers. While this holds true much of the time, it’s important to check with your specific policy to see if they will or will not cover any portion of the cost of dental veneers. Occasionally, if a tooth sustained a crack or other concern due to an accident, you may be able to get insurance to cover a portion of the cost of dental veneers.

Veneers cost in Lincoln, NE, can be around $1100 per tooth. Fortunately, we have great prices for veneers and we offer convenient payment options available. This is because we want you to fulfill your dreams of a beautiful smile without having to worry about paying for it all at once.

After Getting Your Veneers:
Can veneers break?

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You might be wondering what things will be like after having your veneers placed. Primarily, you’ll have a bright smile that looks like it’s brand new! The front surface of your teeth will catch peoples’ eyes, and you’ll be able to smile confidently without feeling insecure.

Be aware that it is possible to break veneers. Be wary of chewing super hard foods, or if you do, use teeth that don’t have veneers on them. Then you shouldn’t have to worry about breaking your veneers.

If you do break your veneers, please call us immediately. We’ll get you in quickly and to fix your veneers and get you smiling brightly again.

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Dental Insurance & Convenient Payment Options

As mentioned above, dental veneers are a cosmetic procedure. As a result, the cost of dental veneers is rarely covered by insurance. Occasionally, if a tooth sustained a crack or other concern due to an accident, you may be able to get insurance to cover a portion of the cost of dental veneers.

Affordable Options for the Cost of Dental Veneers

Whether you use dental insurance, Lincoln Dental Plans, or Care Credit, we also offer a myriad of other payment options. We believe excellent dental care should be accessible to everyone. Because of that very idea, we’ve worked hard over the years to offer as many convenient payment options as possible.  We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. We offer payment plans and dental discount plans. Whatever your financial needs are, we’ve got you covered. Call us today with any questions.

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All in all, when it comes to affording your dental treatment, we want to help. If you’re concerned about being able to afford your treatment, don’t hesitate to talk to us.

To determine what the cost of dental veneers will be for you, contact our office to make an appointment for a cosmetic evaluation.

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Hollywood smile

Movie stars all seem to have perfect teeth. Do a lot of them have dentures? Even ones in their 20s?

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Fixing a Broken Denture at Home

Dental Denture

Do It Yourself: Fixing a Broken Denture

DIY solutions are in fashion these days! However, dentures are one case of DIY fixes that are heavily debated. Is it better to fix your dentures yourself, or to have the dentist fix them? Fixing a broken denture seems simple, and sometimes it can be. But it’ll depend on the severity of the break, the type of dentures, and how long you expect the fix to last.

When your dentures break, you want them fixed as soon as possible. It’s easy to take them for granted, but when they’re gone, it can be incredibly debilitating. Rest assured that Northstar Dental understands this. While it can be worthwhile to fix your dentures yourself, there’s also the risk of damaging them too much and needing them replaced altogether. If you’re concerned that you might not know how to fix them yourself, call our office and we’ll have them fixed as quickly as possible.

Dentures always seem to break at the worst time possible. Right before your son’s wedding, your big anniversary or before going out to grab a bite to eat. Sometimes you may have something wrong with your denture and you’ll try to fix it yourself; then accidentally break it more. The truth is, you could get away with fixing it yourself, but further down the road you may experience the problem at the same spot again. Here we’ll talk about whether or not fixing a broken denture at home is a good idea.

Things to Consider Before Fixing Dentures

Obviously, you encounter risks with any DIY project. Building a table can result in splinters, hurt thumbs, or even a broken table. You could say the same of dentures – well, probably not splinters, but you get the idea. When thinking about fixing your dentures yourself, it’s important to at least consider the risks. If you aren’t careful, you can introduce some seriously damaging elements into your mouth. Certain glues can have harmful chemicals or won’t even stick together for long. Further, it’s entirely possible to damage your dentures even more.

When you’re thinking about fixing your dentures, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons out first. While we don’t necessarily want to discourage you from trying to fix your dentures at home, a little extra research and thought will go a long way in balancing your needs with the long-term use of your dentures.



Is fixing a broken denture at home a good or a bad idea?

In many cases, a denture will suffer from a small break. In these cases, you can sometimes put the pieces back together on your own. However, it’s important to have these kinds of fixes re-evaluated by your dentist. It’s important for you to think of your dental repairs in two different categories: short-term fixes and long-term fixes. These short-term fixes aren’t a bad thing, and we actually encourage them! They can be good for keeping your dentures together for a short period of time. However, they almost always lead to breaks in the future, so that’s why we call them short-term fixes.

Unless you’re an engineer, DIY fixes for your dentures may not necessarily be long-term. And that’s okay! But it’s important to keep a level head and be aware of the short-term nature of these kinds of solutions.

Long-Term Fixes

Sometimes you can repair your broken dentures at home, but it’s essential to know when to leave it to us. Denture fitting is another reason why we prefer to be the ones fixing a broken denture. When your denture breaks, it’s no longer a perfect fit to your mouth. So, when you fix it with glue or whatever you use as the solution, it still won’t be the perfect fit it used to be. Having an improper fit could lead to irritation, on going discomfort, and active denture shifting. Having an off-fitted denture will lead to an incorrect bit. This could lead to more future damages to the broken denture and your mouth. Luckily, we have the professional tools and training at our offices to fully restore your broken dentures.

Tips on Performing Temporary Denture Repairs at Home

Some days your denture will break when you don’t have time to get them into our office. We’ve seen it happen many times before. What are you supposed to do in those cases? These kinds of circumstances are the perfect warrant for short-term fixes. So when this happens to you, how can you fix them until you can bring them into the office?

Store-Bought Denture Repair Kits

If you have the chance to go to the store, you should use that time to give us a call too! However, you can find denture repair kits at almost any grocery or drug store. These kits will come with a few of the tools and solutions you need to keep your denture together temporarily. But it’s important to note: these kits market themselves as more permanent solutions. The only permanent solution is to have a dental professional fix them. This will ensure that they fit comfortably, don’t irritate your mouth, and that they won’t harm your jaw.

Can I use Super Glue to fix my broken denture at home? Is using super glue safe for fixing my broken denture?

In a real emergency, super glue can be an effective temporary solution for fixing a broken denture. It can hold your dentures together for days. When you apply the glue to your dentures, be sure to let it dry thoroughly before wearing the dentures again.  If the super glue does not dry out completely, you will experience a chemical taste, and superglue is somewhat toxic. Expect this self-repair to only last a short while, try not to eat on the tooth.

At Northstar Dental, we offer denture repair services with a quick turn around. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out more details about denture repair. We will be more than happy to let you know what we can do for your dentures. We can provide educational tips aimed specifically at your dental situation that could better your overall health.

If you do need to have your dentures fixed, give us a call today at 402-742-0000.

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Dental Veneers or Teeth Whitening

When it comes to smile whitening solutions many people aren’t sure where to start. Many of our patients, at Northstar Dental, ask us if dental veneers or teeth whitening is the right way to go? In our article, we’ll discuss this and more. We’ll cover:

-Can my stained teeth be whitened? Find out if whitening will help your stained front teeth.

-Should you whiten teeth before getting veneers? Your dentists can help you decide!

-Are dental veneers worth it? Veneers are an excellent cosmetic solution to brighten any smile.

-Is it safe to whiten teeth at home? We’ll make sure you’re informed about all options!

Our self-esteem is absolutely affected by how we perceive ourselves, even our outward selves. Our smile and appearance can have a definite effect on our mood and on the way we function in our social and business relationships. Common conditions that have a negative impact on our smile are “gummy” smiles, cracked or broken teeth, missing teeth, and discolored teeth. When it comes to discolored teeth, many people consider teeth whitening.

Each patient that comes to us for teeth whitening will be evaluated on their own distinctions and specific needs. If you are interested in learning more about teeth whitening, our cosmetic dentists will find out everything they can about your personal needs and wants to see whether or not you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. At times, stains that are only found on the surface of the teeth can be removed with a good cleaning. However, if stains are found deeper and are affecting the structure of the tooth, a different approach will be considered in the patient’s cosmetic makeover. Regardless, we know that any tooth stain is unwelcome.

Will teeth whitening work if my front teeth are stained?

If you are considering teeth whitening, you may be resentful that your teeth have stains in the first place. Teeth with stains can be caused for several reasons. Certain medications, trauma to teeth, root fillings, foods, and beverages can cause teeth to stain and discolor over time. If you’ve received silver amalgam fillings years ago, they may be leaking out silver salts onto your teeth. Also, when a tooth suffers trauma or if the nerve dies, it may become dark gray in appearance because of bleeding within the tooth or debris within the pulp of the tooth. Finally, if a child was given certain medications as a child, like Tetracycline, while their teeth were forming, those teeth may become permanently discolored.

Teeth whitening is an option for stained teeth, but patients must be aware that teeth whitening cannot rectify all stained teeth. Professional teeth whitening procedures do have limitations on treating these stains effectively.

Veneers: The Solution to Stained Teeth

For those looking to whiten stained teeth, we must be conservative with conventional teeth whitening. Dental veneers or teeth whitening are both possible for stained teeth, but each patient is different. It’s possible for traditional whitening to worsen stains. On the other hand, dental veneers are an excellent solution for stained teeth. Veneers simply bond to the front surface of given teeth. Because of the way veneers work, they’re a perfect option for covering up and correcting flaws like stained teeth.

What’s the solution? Dental veneers or teeth whitening?

Teeth Whitening, or bleaching, cannot solve all stained teeth problems. That is why our cosmetic dentists offer dental veneers.

If your teeth can not be whitened using traditional teeth whitening procedures and if you have other concerns with a shape, spacing or size of your teeth, you may want to consider dental veneers.

Dental veneers are capable of fixing a myriad of problems. They are wonderful at creating super white smiles or at replacing old fillings that have begun to look aged. Cosmetic dental veneers are bonded to your teeth, and they do not discolor, nor fade. They are almost identical to natural teeth in size, shape, color, and translucency, so your teeth with look natural and spectacular once the procedure is finished. If you think teeth whitening will not work for you, you might consider cosmetic veneers. To find out more about teeth whitening, contact us to set up a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Veneers or Teeth Whitening

Knowing whether to get dental veneers or teeth whitening can be tricky. We’re more than happy to help you navigate the decision. When you visit us, be sure to communicate your concerns and desires, and we’ll try our hardest to ensure you get the results you want!

Throughout the process, we hear a handful of patient questions, all of which we’re happy to answer. However, we thought we could save you some time by answering some of the most frequently asked questions here. Below are common questions about either dental veneers or teeth whitening.

Are dental veneers permanent?

While dental veneers aren’t quite “permanent,” they can last a very long time. Preserving cosmetic fixes often comes down to effective home-care. Taking care of your oral health at-home is key to making the most out of your new smile options. Brush twice daily and floss every day to keep your veneers healthy, white, and shining brightly.

Can you whiten your teeth at-home?

Many have heard of at-home teeth whitening options. Some are more DIY and others are store bought. However, it’s important to be educated about the options out there! Baking soda, lemon juice, and other household items are often touted as effective teeth whitening methods. Similarly, store bought teeth whitening kits claim to be more effective than they are. However, the most effective method by far is through your local dentist. Household items are significantly less effective than kits gained through the dentist. The problem with store-bought kits is that they have a less concentrated whitening solution than dentists can administer. They are also not custom-made, so the solution often comes into contact with the user’s gums, irritating them, often leading to discomfort.

In our office, we offer at-home teeth whitening kits that are custom-made to fit your specific mouth. You can use these kits as frequently or infrequently as you’d like, thus allowing you to customize the specific shade of your teeth.

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to make contact with us, give us a call at 402-742-0000, or make an appointment with one of our gentle dentists using the form below.

The information on this page was written by Dr. Michael Burbach.

This gentle Lincoln, NE dentists says: “I am committed to providing my patients with the ultimate in dental health care, by using the latest techniques and equipment that will allow comfort during dental procedures. My team and I at Northstar Dental are dedicated to providing you with a comfortable and safe environment for both adults and children. My goal as a dentist is to provide you and your family with high quality and gentle dental care so you can have a healthy mouth for a healthy life.”

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