Dental Anxiety

Howie Mandel on Dental Anxiety

In a recent interview to Dear Doctor dental magazine, Howie Mandel talks about his dental anxiety.


Howie shares how he experiences an enourmous amount of anxiety when he visits the dentist. It is not the fear of tdiscomfort, but the fear of the germs that caused him so much dental anxiety. He suffers from OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, a debilitating disorder that triggers a sense of danger even if there isn’t any.

At age 57, Howie decided to enhance his ever-ready smile with dental veneers. Being in show business, his smile was the first thing that people noticed. Veneers were the number one option to be able to give his teeth a brighter, more uniform appearance, and to make his smile more appealing. A great thing for a man who is always smiling! He was very happy with his new smile and the natural look of his new dental veneers. Although he stated that he had very little discomfort during the procedure, his anxiety was always there.

Howie’s Dental Veneers

Howie also admited that his dental team worked very hard to reduce his anxiety by developing a set of procedures just for him. For example, they put on their gloves in front of him, straight from the package, so he was able to see that they had never touched anything but his own mouth.

After his experience of placing veneers for a smile makeover, Howie believed that dental anxiety can be well-managed or even overcome. He states that communication is the key to successful, anxiety reduced dental visits.

Read the full interview here.

Our Lincoln Dentist Dr. Kathryn Alderman On Dealing with Dental Anxiety

If the thought of visiting the dentist for routine exams brings you an anxiety, you’re not alone. Many people feel intense dental anxiety associated with any type of dental visit. If you are ready to make a change and do need to see a dentist, here are the few tip that can help you to relax at the dentist office.

  1. Find out the root cause of your dental anxiety and communicate it to your dental professional. Call your dental office ahead of your appointment and see if they would be sensitive to your anxiety.
  2. Once you know what triggers your dental anxiety, try a few solutions to find out which one works for you. A suggestion is:
    Bring headphones and listen to your favorite music.
  3. Schedule an appointment on a day that is not packed with activities or important meeting
  4. Continue to communicate with all dental professionals to make sure they are aware of triggers for your dental anxiety.
  5. Ask questions about your upcoming dental procedure. If you are educated about an upcoming procedure, you may not experience as much anxiety.
  6. Have an agreement with your dental professional ahead of time about signaling them if you do experience discomfort.

If you do have a tough time seeing dentists, we would be happy to see at our office. We would happy to help you to overcome any dental fears and anxiety.

We hope to see you soon.

Dr. Kathryn Alderman, the Lincoln, NE dentist for people that hate dentists.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Anxiety

Since we’re a dentistry geared towards dental anxiety, we hear questions on the topic all the time. We figured we may be able to save you some time with our most frequently asked questions, as listed below.

How can I overcome dental phobia or dental anxiety?

For most patients, a great way to overcome dental phobia or dental anxiety is to communicate with your dentist and see them regularly. It may sound crazy, but we believe we can help you overcome your fears. Additionally, this will benefit the health of your teeth greatly. We know it may seem difficult, but if you can find your way into our office, we’ll be happy to help! Our team has guided thousands of patients through dental anxiety over the years, and we know we can do the same for you.

What amenities do you have for anxious patients?

We offer a handful of amenities for handling anxious patients. Many of our patients have had success by using our headphones to listen to music of their choice. We also keep blankets and pillows to help you feel calm and comfortable. Our newest option, The Zen Room, is filled with aromatherapy, soft, calming music, and a relaxed atmosphere. The Zen Room has the utmost in relaxation techniques for anxious patients.  If you’re interested in being treated in The Zen Room, let us know when you schedule your appointment.

Does dental anxiety affect a person’s overall health?

Yes, quite drastically. Recent research has shown an especially large correlation between oral health and overall health. Dental anxiety impacts many people each year, as it often causes people to avoid the dentist. Avoiding the dentist often has a serious impact on peoples’ dental health. Dentists take time to ensure there are no huge problems going on in a person’s mouth. This is why, at each dental checkup, your dentist lets you know how your mouth looks. The hope is to stop any major problems from developing by noticing and fixing them early on. In turn, as decay builds up in a person’s mouth, it makes its way into their body, often affecting many other organs.

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