What are Treatment Options for Gummy Smile Correction

Some teeth may appear too short, or you may feel that too much of your gum tissue is showing. Most patients refer to this as having a “gummy smile”. Some may seek out gummy smile correction options, but most think that their teeth are just too short. The teeth are usually not too short; there is just excessive gum tissue covering the rest of the tooth. There can be multiple reasons why the gum tissue is overgrown. Most of the time a simple cosmetic procedure is all that is needed for gummy smile correction.


Gummy Smile


Laser Recontouring for Gummy Smile Correction

A special dental laser can be used to recontour the gums to reveal more tooth structure beneath the gums. This will give you the length and beauty of a natural smile. Gum recontouring can give you a beautiful result with minimal sensitivity. In some cases there may be other concerns as to why you have a gummy smile and a consultation with an oral surgeon may be needed. We work in close collaboration with the best oral surgeons at Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery in Lincoln, NE.

The steps for this procedure are:

  • First, Dr. Burbach or Dr. Alderman will determine exactly where tissue should be removed and make precise marks.
  • Next, the anesthetic will be gently administered to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure.
  • Finally, once you are numb and comfortable, the special dental laser will be used to recontour the gums and remove excessive gum tissue in a precise manner.

The technologically advanced laser that we use aids for quick healing of the gums. Not only does the laser remove the extra gum tissue, but also it cauterizes the blood vessels that surround the area which significantly reduces bleeding and infection risk.

A routine gum recontouring procedure for a gummy smile correction is typically short and can be combined with other treatment such as preparation for veneers or crowns, or having fillings placed.


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BOTOX for Gummy Smile?

BOTOX is a new option for reducing the appearance of a gummy smile. BOTOX works by decreasing movement in the upper lip, preventing it from exposing your gummy smile. BOTOX treatment is a popular option because it is minimally invasive. The drawbacks of BOTOX is that the results are temporary, and “overtreatment” is a possibility. For permanent results,  laser gum procedure, gum recontouring and other procedures are better options.


What conditions require more treatment for gummy smile correction?

Some conditions, unfortunately, cannot be treated with a simple laser or BOTOX treatment. While you may perceive excessive gum tissue, it may be possible that your lip does not come down far enough, your upper jaw is not in alignment properly making it too long.  If your upper jaw is in fact too long, an oral surgeon may recommend orthognathic surgery to realign the jaw.

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To determine the cause of your gummy smile and choose the treatment plan you are most comfortable with, schedule an appointment today!


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