Convenient Locations

Northstar Dental is a proud family member of 3 additional locations throughout Lincoln, Ne. We would be more than happy to take care of your dental needs at any of our 4 locations!

Sedation Dentistry

Many patients are anxious or afraid of going to the dentist. At NorthStar Dental we are sensitive to this and offer a form of sedation dentistry to those patients. The sedation dentistry offered at NorthStar Dental is administered in the form of a pill. We will prescribe the pill after meeting with you and learning more about you and your dental fears

#1 priority: your comfort

We guarantee to do everything possible to make your visits comfortable and pain-free. We have designed our offices with your comfort and convenience in mind. We want you to feel calm and relaxed in our care. Injections and profound local anesthesia. We always make sure you are completely numb before working in your mouth.

Gentle Dentistry

Our team is specially trained to provide the most gentle of care. While every team member has been taught excellent dentistry skills in school, out office takes it a step further with extra training in gentle patient care. We use a proven technique to ensure gentle anesthesia and comfort during your treatment.

Private Treatment Rooms

Each of our treatment rooms is private offering you the privacy you desire during treatment. Each operatory is separated by a solid wall, instead of just a small partition. If you are afraid you may feel claustrophobic, don’t worry! Each of our rooms also has a beautiful, spacious window overlooking a wildlife reserve area. This ensures your privacy and comfort as our team cares for you.

Blankets and Pillows provided

The dental office can sometimes be chilly, we offer blankets and pillows to ensure you are warm and comfortable throughout your appointment.

Isolite® System

Our Isolite® system allows you to rest your jaw during treatment so you don’t have to strain your jaw muscles. The Isolite system’s self-aspirating technology allows for higher quality, more efficient, and safer dentistry. A mouth full of cotton rolls and rinse breaks is a thing of the past!

Comfortable Dental Chairs

Our chairs were selected to ensure your comfort throughout your procedure. Whether you are here for a dental cleaning, or a longer procedure like a root canal, our chairs will have you relaxed and comfortable for the duration of your appointment.