Our Gentle Team

Here at Northstar Dental located on North 33rd street in Lincoln we strive to provide every client the best treatment possible. We know that dental phobia is a real issue for many people. This is why our team has through the years developed some great ways to help put you at ease and, provide genuine gentle dental care.

During your first visit we actually sit down with you and get to know who you are, we take time to review your dental and medical history so that we can provide better care for you. We will also take digital x-rays as necessary, to help diagnose your dental health moving forward. After this is done then we can move on to an examination of your teeth and gums so we can get a better understanding of your oral health.

Once this is done we can complete a cleaning or talk about having you back for a deep cleaning if it is needed. Your dentist will meet with you to complete your exam, discuss a recommended treatment, and develop a treatment plan for moving forward to help get your oral health to the best shape we can.

A few things to remember for your first appointment with us.

Please make sure to fill out the new patient forms located here. If you are not able to print them out ahead of time please arrive a few minutes early to your first appointment so you can fill them out in the office.
If you have dental insurance, please remember to bring your card with you as well as any the primary subscriber information so we can complete this information.
Finally do not become a stranger. Just like the American Dental Association recommends to visit your dentist 2 times a year, we follow this belief as well for a regular cleaning and exam to maintain your best oral health.
We know it is not always easy to get into see a dentist, schedules can be tight. This is why we offer later hours on Thursdays to help our clients with time constraints.

We hope to see you soon at our practice.