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Many of us have cavities and know what the experience is all about. Maybe it was caused from dry mouth related to medications, perhaps life is hectic, and you have had a hard time getting into a good oral home care routine, maybe you like sugar, maybe you were not able to get dental care because you couldn’t afford it and didn’t have insurance. The list of “maybes,” is truly endless. The truth is that there are thousands of reasons as to why a person may or may not have a cavity. Having one cavity or multiple cavities doesn’t make someone a bad person. Having a cavity means that for whatever reason they had the perfect combination of things occurring within their mouth and a cavity developed. Ultimately, leading to a filling being placed. Depending upon when and where the cavity was placed, you may not have mercury-free dental fillings. Maybe you are looking for “Biological Dentistry Near me,” in search of answers. Either way, we will answer some of the most common questions regarding Silver/ Amalgam fillings below.

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Times have changed, and so has medicine. Sometimes, it seems as though everything is hard. But, finding “biological dentistry near me” doesn’t have to be. So, if you guessed that this blog is talking about dentistry and or biological dentistry, in particular, you are correct. It’s not just the technology used in dentistry, but the materials as well. You may be asking yourself, what materials? There are many materials. But, one that many people are familiar with would be related to fillings. In the past, dentists used amalgam (silver) fillings. Now, it is common practice for a dentist to use tooth-colored, mercury-free dental fillings. Not only do the mercury-free dental fillings look better but they are much safer for a person’s overall health.

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How so? Aside from the obvious which would be that tooth colored mercury-free dental fillings are more aesthetically pleasing possibly enhancing self-esteem, the other benefits are much more profound. Our body is made up of many different types of genes. That number is somewhere between 20,000 and 25,000. Are saying wow, that’s a lot? You are right; it is a lot! We, however, will be talking about only one of those genes. Specifically, the APOE4 gene. This gene can be related explicitly to causing mercury toxicity. Also, it has been know to cause other health-related issues. How? In short, the APOE4 gene is considered to be a poor excretor of mercury,. Ultimately, there is a greater chance of becoming ill when exposed to heavy metals such as mercury. This same gene also has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. That’s pretty wild, who would’ve thought that mercury-free dental fillings could be such a big deal!

Because many of us may not be concerned about what color our filling is as long as the problem is fixed, most don’t realize that choosing not to get tooth colored, mercury-free dental fillings could be detrimental to our health.

Patients are always asking whether or not they should replace mercury-amalgam dental fillings. The answer…yes! If you have teeth with large failing mercury-amalgam dental fillings, they need to be replaced. The next best, would be to protect it with a dental crown.

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Here are some of the reasons why you should replace old, failing Mercury dental fillings with new Mercury-free dental fillings. Look for Biological Dentistry Near Me…

  1. Amalgam or mercury-amalgam dental fillings can lead to a cracked tooth or teeth.
  2. Amalgam dental fillings seal out decay for a very short period. Typically, only one to six years. Decay is sealed out with a corrosive layer that forms. Over time, the filling expands and contracts. Eventually, this causes the filling to wear, chip, and break down. The continuous expansion and contraction ends up leaving a gap between the amalgam filling and the tooth. The gap that is then created makes the perfect home for bacteria. Ultimately, this will then allow the start of cavities. Once the space between the mercury-amalgam dental filling and tooth are created, the cavity may grow without causing any symptoms. Once a cavity reaches the nerve of the tooth, it can cause an excruciating toothache.
  3. Any mercury fillings that are “watched,” and not replaced as soon as decay has been found, are a significant contributor to cracked and broken teeth. Patients may end up needing more extensive treatment. For example, some treatments that may be needed are root canals, crowns, bridges, implants, partials, or even dentures. Teeth that have extensive and cracked mercury-amalgam dental fillings should have full crown coverage. This will help prevent a cracked tooth. Possibly, eliminating the need for a root canal or even an extraction. At our office, we exclusively place silver and mercury-free dental fillings and crowns.
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Also at Nebraska Family Dentistry, you will find that the removal of mercury fillings are done following a set of guidelines and strict safety procedures. In addition, when searching for “biological dentistry near me,” you will find that we offer “clean air.” What is “clean air?” It is an air filtration systems that captures extremely fine particles. Thus, ensuring the health of anyone, and everyone who enters our offices. We all win with clean air!

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Unfortunately, amalgam fillings can still be used in the United States. So, to avoid encountering a menagerie of symptoms and or a life-long chronic diseases, it’s best to avoid amalgam fillings. Stick with what the dental world knows is safe. Mercury-free dental fillings. Do your research or search for “biological dentistry near me.” Think of getting a filling much the same as buying a new car. Generally speaking, you will most likely want the best looking car that combines functionality and safety. The same thing goes for fillings. By choosing mercury-free dental fillings, you will be getting the “newest model” that incorporates function, safety, and style. Really, what’s not to love about a mercury-free, “all white” smile?

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