Mercury-Free Dental fillings – Biological Dentistry Near Me

Many people today still have mercury fillings. The question is should you replace them or not? All of us at Northstar Dental think you should be educated on the benefits of removing amalgam fillings and we’ll explain why here. The removal of mercury fillings are just one of the many dental services we offer. In… Continue reading Mercury-Free Dental fillings – Biological Dentistry Near Me

Probiotics and Periodontal Disease

-Do probiotics help gum disease? You might be surprised! -Are probiotics good for halitosis? Learn which probiotics can help. -Can I take a probiotic everyday? We’ll discuss beneficial sources of probiotics. Recent studies have shown a correlative link between an imbalance of gut biome and the presence of chronic inflammatory conditions including periodontal disease. Seventy… Continue reading Probiotics and Periodontal Disease

Teeth Reshaping

Surprisingly, there are many people who dislike their smile. What can be done to fix it. Here at Northstar Dental, we have solutions for you. In our article we’ll cover these important topics: Learn About the Benefits of Teeth Reshaping and Recontouring Find Out when Recontouring might Work Best for You Answers to Frequently Asked… Continue reading Teeth Reshaping