How are Heart Health and Dental Infection Connected?


Heart health and dental infection have been shown to have a very strong connection.  At Northstar Dental, we feel it’s important to share the facts. So here’s what we’ll cover: –Heart Health and Dental Infection: Are you at an increased risk of heart attack? –Risk Factors: See if you might be at a higher risk for stroke or heart attack. –Can Oral Health Warn Us About Heart Disease: Learn about the warning signs. –Commonly Asked Questions: Heart health and dental […]

How to Stop Snoring – Better Sleep Month


Snoring can be a sign of a more serious problem. In our article we’ll cover what we think you should know, including: -How Sleep and Dental Health are Related -Other Medical Issues Besides Sleep Apnea That Can Cause Snoring -Discussion About How Oral Appliance Therapy Really Works For Sleep Apnea Sleep and dental health is crucial and is considered a very critical component in maintaining optimum health. However, when you or someone you live with snores, that can make getting […]

Mercury-Free Dental fillings – Biological Dentistry Near Me


Many people today still have mercury fillings. The question is should you replace them or not? All of us at Northstar Dental think you should be educated on the benefits of removing amalgam fillings and we’ll explain why here. The removal of mercury fillings are just one of the many dental services we offer. In our article, we’ll cover the following topics: -Biological dentistry and how it could benefit you –Reasons why you should consider replacing your Mercury fillings Many […]

Probiotics and Periodontal Disease

-Probiotics And Periodontal Disease: Do probiotics really help? -Probiotics for Halitosis: Can probiotics help bad breath? -Various Delivery Methods of Probiotics: Which way is most beneficial? Recent studies have shown a correlative link between an imbalanced gut biome and the presence of chronic inflammatory conditions including periodontal disease. Seventy percent of the immune system resides in the GI tract. Those who have a microbiome with a higher population of harmful bacterial pathogens and less bacterial diversity are more predisposed to […]

Teeth Reshaping

Surprisingly, there are many people who dislike their smile. What can be done to fix it. Here at Northstar Dental, we have solutions for you. In our article we’ll cover these important topics: Learn About the Benefits of Teeth Reshaping and Recontouring  Find Out when Recontouring might Work Best for You Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Reshaping Teeth Reshaping: Love Your Smile Again In the past, many patients have told us they feel like their teeth are too […]