Simple Solutions For Gaps Between Teeth


Simple Solutions For Fixing Gaps Between Teeth If your smile has unwanted gaps between teeth, there’s no need to worry! Gaps between teeth are beautiful too, but if you have different wishes for your teeth, we’re here to help. Read on for more information about fixing gaps between teeth. If you’re concerned about dental treatment, it’s okay. Our office has always strived to help anxious and nervous patients feel comfortable and relaxed. Again, we believe that dialogue and education can […]

Great Ways to Stop Cold Sores Fast?

Whether or not you’ve had actually had a cold sore, you know that can be unsightly and worse yet, painful. If you’re looking for the fact on cold sores, look no further. We’ll cover what we think is important so you can get back to feeling better. Topics covered include: What causes cold sores? Overall health and cold sores, what does it mean for you? How do you treat cold sores? Answers to commonly asked questions about cold sores!   […]

Happy New Year from Lincoln Family Dentistry


 Happy New Year from Lincoln Family Dentistry! We’re here to start the New Year off right. We feel education is important and that’s exactly what we plan to do in our article is educate YOU. Here we’ll discuss: The Connection Between Dental Health and Overall Health Discuss the Effects of Inflammation and How it Can Affect the Body Learn About Lifestyle Changes that Could Help Decrease Your Overall Inflammation What is your New Year’s Resolution? We know ours. We’re going […]

Risks of Amalgam Fillings


Many of us know that there are potential risks with the use of amalgam fillings, but what are those risks. Are these risks anything you should be concerned about? Here we’ll cover all the details. Our article at a glance will cover the following topics: What are the risks of Amalgam, or silver, fillings? Can Mercury really leak from silver fillings? Why do dentists use Amalgam so often? What are Amalgam alternatives? Are There Risks of Amalgams Fillings? Dental amalgams […]

Children’s Dentist


Affordable Children’s Dentist in Lincoln, NE We think finding a good dentist for your child is important. We understand and are here to share the basics with you. In our article we’ll cover: The importance of finding an outstanding dentist for children What choosing a good dentist for children could mean for your child Answers to frequently asked questions about children’s dentists Looking for a children’s dentist who can offer your child a comfortable appointment? Look no further! Here at […]