Northstar Offers Children’s Dentistry Services



If you are looking for children’s dentistry services, there are a few things to take into account when choosing a children’s dentist. One of them being the location and convenience of appointments. We understand your kids could be a handful at times, and driving seems to be more of a journey instead of a quick trip. Lucky for you, Northstar Dental is partnered with Nebraska Family Dentistry to provide multiple locations for your little one.

Northstar Dental
(North Lincoln)

Coddington Dental
(West Lincoln)

Southpointe Dental
(South Lincoln)

Lincoln Family Dentistry
(Central Lincoln)


Another thing to think about besides location is choosing the right dentist. Northstar Dental including the other locations provides talented doctors who can let your child feel comfortable and relaxed. This goes for people of all ages. We understand having a dental phobia is a real thing. So, we’ll like to steer our patients away from that outlook, but to one that excites them to better their oral health. Keeping the health of your teeth up to date is essential for a happier life and we tips and tools to help!


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Our goal for your Children’s Dentistry experience

Our goal is to educate children and build good oral hygiene and eating habits. Cavities aren’t fun, let’s prevent them before they start in the gentlest way. Your child’s dental health is just as important as yours. Consider having your teeth looked as well; we can save your teeth. The hardest part is taking that first step of setting up a time for an appointment. If a child is too young and requires extensive dental treatment, we may refer them to the best (in our opinion) Lincoln Pediatric Dentist, located directly across from us.

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When setting up an appointment, you have the right to choose the best Lincoln pediatric dentist for you and your child. If you decide to come to Northstar, Dr. Kelly O’Hara has years of experience in children’s dentistry. She was also a teacher before working with teeth. Dr. Kelly O’Hara is just one of our dentists that make up our team of dentists at Northstar. If you are looking for a gentle, kind and patient children’s dentist in Lincoln, NE, consider asking for Dr. Kelly O’Hara or our other children’s dentists by visiting our sites, or by giving us a call.


Who’s the best kid’s dentist near me?”

If you don’t live near Northstar, you’re probably thinking “How can I find the best kid’s dentist near me?” Don’t worry! We have four convenient locations under the Nebraska Family Dentistry group.

NFD partners northstar dental

Northstar Dental is a proud member of Nebraska Family Dentistry. We’re one of multiple NFD locations, some of which are even open on weeknights and weekends for your convenience.

Each NFD team member is trained to go above and beyond to keep our patients calm and comfortable, so you can expect the same exceptional care from all of our sister locations.


Nebraska Family Dentistry has multiple locations!
Choose any location convenient for you.

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