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Cosmetic dentistry has so much to offer and that’s why our team, at Northstar Dental, is here to tell you about it. In our article we’ll discuss cosmetic dentistry solutions and what they can do for you.

Ready to transform your smile? Here at Northstar Dental, we are passionate about helping our patients look and feel great every single day. Our team in Lincoln, NE is skilled in cosmetic dentistry and can help you customize your smile down to the very last detail.

  • How do I find the best cosmetic dentist in my area?
  • When considering cosmetic dentistry, how do I find the best cosmetic dentist near me?
  • Where is the best place to get cosmetic dentistry near me?
  • Is cosmetic dentistry covered by insurance?
  • What can cosmetic dentistry fix?

We have many years of experience helping patients regain their confidence by creating the smiles of their dreams. We offer a variety of cosmetic procedures in our office and there may be several treatment options available to correct a particular concern.

Our goal is to educate patients so they feel confident about making the best decision that will give them the longest lasting and most aesthetically pleasing results. You may surprised at how affordable some treatments can be. 

When you come in for your consultation, we’ll be ready to help and can answer any questions or concerns you may have and show you our before and after of cosmetic dentistry photos. If you would like to schedule a consultation, we would be honored to meet you.

Prevent the Need for Cosmetic Dentistry

We believe all dental diseases can be prevented. So, we’ll do everything we can to help patients maintain a healthy and attractive smile by seeing them for regular exams and cleanings. Dental diseases are closely connected to overall wellness, so by helping our patients prevent dental problems, we help them work towards a lifestyle of optimal health.

Proper Education to Make Excellent Decisions about Your Oral Health and Cosmetic Dentistry

Educating our patients is one of our core values. In our office, patient education does not include nagging or telling patients what needs to be done. We’ll never lecture you at Northstar Dental. Instead, we hope educate you, with the hopes of empowering you to make the excellent choices for your oral and overall health. With amazing dental care and some teamwork, together we can help you live a healthier, happier and longer life.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Change Your Smile

At Northstar Dental, another goal is to restore your mouth. Everyone deserve to smile, talk and laugh with confidence. Also, everyone should have excellent chewing function, so they can enjoy healthy foods. Restorative dentistry includes everything from white fillings to crowns and everything in between. We want to help make your teeth stronger, straighter and healthier. The goal of restorative dentistry is to have a healthy mouth, which will ultimately lead to a healthy body.

Skilled Cosmetic Dentists Providing Outstanding Cosmetic Dentistry

Finally, we believe in enhancement. A beautiful smile can make a huge difference in someone’s life. The highlight of our day is when a patient tells us how they feel about their improved smile. Our team has excellent clinical skills and can help you achieve the smile you deserve.

P.E.R.E. Philosophy for an Elegant Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Prevention – Education – Restoration – Enhancement

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The philosophy behind everything we do at Northstar Dental is Prevention, Education, Restoration, and Enhancement.

We can transform your smile with the following cosmetic dentistry procedures:


Cosmetic Dentistry:
Dental Veneers

Teeth with minor imperfections like chips, discoloration or wide spacing can decrease your confidence. Veneers are a great option to correct these imperfections. Veneers can make your teeth look flawless and can give you back your confidence when speaking or smiling. Dental veneers can correct some of these concerns in only a couple of appointments.

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Cosmetic Dentistry:
Teeth Whitening

As we age, our teeth become discolored. In most cases, some discoloration is unavoidable. Along with age-related tooth discoloration, eating and drinking certain foods can speed up this process. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening and “cosmetic dentistry near me” can brighten stained teeth. Northstar Dental offers several options for whitening.

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Cosmetic Dentistry:

Lumineers® are ultra-thin dental veneers (approximately 0.2 mm) and are highly translucent, which gives them the natural appearance of tooth enamel. Lumineers® are so thin that very little tooth structure has to be removed in order to place them. It takes roughly two weeks to complete the process of getting Lumineers®. If you would like to make minor adjustments to the shape, length or size of your front teeth, Lumineers® might be a great option.

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Cosmetic Dentistry:
Teeth Bonding

We’re proud of the ways dentistry can restore broken or decayed teeth. We believe that beauty and function can be achieved together. Dental bonding uses tooth-colored materials to replace missing tooth structure and is an easy, inexpensive way to restore teeth with small imperfections.


Cosmetic Dentistry:
Gummy Smile Correction

If you feel that too much of your gum tissue shows when you smile, it is usually caused by excess gum tissue. Luckily, a simple cosmetic procedure with a cosmetic dentist near me can easily correct a gummy smile.

smile wish

Your Smile Wish

Looking for options to restore or enhance your smile? Check out the PDF version of Your Smile Wish.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Your Smile Wish

Note: Looking for low-cost teeth whitening Lincoln, NE? At Northstar Dental we’ll give you access to affordable dental care because of our partnership with Lincoln Dental Plans.

Still unsure? Here are a few commonly asked questions with answers from our Lincoln, NE cosmetic dentists.

How do I find the best cosmetic dentist in my area?

Although everyone has their own definition of “best” one of the most reliable ways to find a great medical provider of any kind is to ask for referrals from friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers. Checking credentials, searching for before and after of cosmetic dentistry photos, and scheduling a consultation to meet your potential cosmetic dentist are also great ways to find a cosmetic dentist who does great work and makes you feel comfortable.

When considering cosmetic dentistry, how do I find the best cosmetic dentist near me?

Using online resources such as Google reviews and the American Dental Associations Find-A-Dentist tool you’ll be able to narrow down a few dentists that are in your area. From there, you can ask family or friends for recommendations. Word of mouth sometimes is an excellent way to find a top-notch dental provider.

Where is the best place to get cosmetic dentistry near me?

The “best” place to get cosmetic dentistry can vary. For example if you are looking for dental veneers you would want to find a provider who has placed a number of dental veneers. The same would go for implant dentistry or any other form of cosmetic dentistry. The bottom line is to make sure that the cosmetic dentist you are seeking is skilled in the area of dentistry you are considering. Ask friends, family, or coworkers for referrals and oftentimes, that’s a great way to find a provider who can complete Your Smile Wish.

Is cosmetic dentistry covered by insurance?

Nearly all cosmetic dentistry cases are done to improve the appearance of your smile and are therefore considered elective. Being an elective procedure means that it is not medically necessary, which in turn, means dental insurance won’t cover the cost. Luckily, our team at Northstar Dental offers affordable dentistry and great dental payment plans to make your smile wishes obtainable.

What can cosmetic dentistry fix?

Cosmetic dentistry can fix a menagerie of problems – everything from stained, chipped, cracked or even misaligned teeth can be fixed with cosmetic dentistry. A skilled cosmetic dentist can review options that would benefit you and give you the smile of your dreams.

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The information on this page was written by Dr. Kimberly Polley.

This gentle Lincoln, NE dentists says: “I believe that everyone is entitled to a healthy life. I am happy to work with my patients’ concerns and help them overcome their fears. Consequently, once they overcome their fears, they can routinely receive the dental care that they need, resulting in a healthy, beautiful smile.”

You can schedule with this Lincoln, NE dentist, or her partners, online 24/7 at her North Lincoln Location of Nebraska Family Dentistry. This “dentist near me” serves the local communities close to Northstar Dental in Waverly, Davey, Raymond, Garland, Ceresco, Greenwood, and Malcom.

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