Teeth Whitening to Prevent Sensitivity

Our Professional Teeth Whitening Minimizes Sensitivity Afterward

We offer professional whitening at our office to achieve a whiter, brighter smile without much sensitivity. So, what does professional teeth whitening entail? We’ll explain!

The appearance of your teeth can drastically affect your confidence level. Many patients with yellowed or stained teeth have reported feeling it gave them an older appearance, and they are less apt to smile or speak confidently in public. Northstar Dental uses the patented Opalescence™ Whitening System to give you the white, youthful smile you desire.

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We offer both in-office, one-hour whitening as well as an at-home whitening option so you may choose the solution that is best for you! Our teeth whitening solutions prevent and eliminate sensitivity associated with teeth whitening.

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One-Hour Professional Teeth Whitening for sensitive teeth!

Our dentists at NorthStar Dental can help you achieve a beautiful white smile in just one hour. This is an excellent option for patients with sensitive teeth. The whitening solution is placed in custom trays fit for your teeth. The Opalescence™ whitening system have sensitivity prevention ingredients within the whitening gel. Over-the-counter whitening solutions tend to cause a lot of sensitivity and do not produce the quick results like our in-office, one-hour teeth whitening. Over-the-counter solutions are not custom fit to your teeth, which can cause the bleach to get onto your gums and cause sensitivity.

What is the Process for In-Office Professional Teeth Bleaching? Your Lincoln dentist answers…

Our in-office professional bleaching procedure begins with an initial exam and x-rays of your teeth to ensure you are a good candidate for bleaching. If suitable, we will take custom molds of your teeth and have our lab fabricate whitening trays that are fit specifically for you. This ensures the bleach solution only makes contact with your teeth and not your gums. While our custom trays help reduce or prevent sensitivity, some temporary sensitivity after the procedure can occasionally occur. Do not worry; sensitivity usually resolves itself quickly. After the procedure, you will get to take these trays home so you can maintain your whitening results.

On the day of your appointment, we will follow a step by step procedure from start to finish. First, they will polish your teeth and then begin the bleaching procedure. The bleaching solution will be specially placed in your custom trays, and you will wear these trays for a time frame specific to your whitening needs. It is usually no more than 45 minutes. Once the whitening procedure is complete, we will clean off the remaining bleach and apply sensitivity prevention solution to help with any post-whitening sensitivity. You will also be instructed on how to use your custom trays and whitening gel at home. The gel that you will take home has a lower concentration level than what is used in our office. You can use it with confidence to maintain your new bleaching results from the comfort of your home!

How long does professional teeth whitening last?

The effects of whitening can last for up to three years. The result is less likely to last as long if you smoke or eat or drink things that can stain your teeth.

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What can you expect as results for in-office professional teeth whitening? Your Lincoln dentist answers…

Northstar Dental’s in-office whitening procedure produces beautiful, lasting results instantly! With this procedure, you can whiten your teeth in a matter of an hour. Also, you will get to take your whitening kit home to maintain your white smile at home. We suggest using this kit every 4 to 6 months though it may need to be more often if you consume teeth staining foods and drinks on a regular basis or use tobacco. In-office whitening lasts most patients up to 2 years before it needs to be repeated; however, the longevity again depends on the variables listed above.

Best Candidates for Professional Teeth Whitening

We recommend our in-office teeth whitening procedure to all patients dissatisfied with the color of their smile. Stubborn stains typically do not respond well to products purchased over the counter. Our in-office whitening uses a professional level solution to conquer those stains. The bleach percentage in over the counter products is minuscule in comparison to the percentage in our professional bleach solution.

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Teeth that respond well to teeth whitening procedures:

  • White, but dull teeth
  • Smokers – highly recommended
  • Coffee, Red Wine drinkers – highly recommended
  • Stubborn stains, on mature teeth, might need extended bleaching
  • Yellowish teeth
  • Stained teeth

There are, unfortunately, some patients who are not good candidates for professional teeth whitening. At this time, professional teeth whitening has not been tested enough for use on pregnant and nursing women. Patients who have deep cavities, untreated gum disease, or are under the age of 16 do not qualify for this procedure. Teeth that have been stained by antibiotics such as tetracycline may not be a candidate for professional teeth whitening. Once your dental conditions have been treated, however, you may be a candidate for whitening or other cosmetic procedures to improve your smile such as dental veneers or porcelain crowns.

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Who is not a candidate for professional teeth whitening? Your Lincoln dentist answers…

Pregnant women. Not enough research has been completed regarding pregnant women to give a 100% safety approval stamp to professional teeth whitening on them. Because of this, we error on the side of caution by ADA recommendations.

  • Patients with extensive front stained fillings, a better option in this case is veneers.
  • Patients with dark front teeth due to previous root canal treatments, a better option would be placing crowns.
  • Any patient with caps on their front teeth. If you have caps on your back teeth, you are a candidate for this procedure.
  • Patients with deep cavities on front or back teeth
    Patient with advanced untreated periodontal disease
  • Patients with intrinsic or inorganic stains, those stains do not respond to bleaching. A better option would be placing veneers.

Northstar Dental is your affordable dentist in Lincoln, NE. You may be surprised by how low we’re able to keep the cost of teeth whitening. In fact, we’re able to offer free teeth whitening in most cases.

Check out the “Best Teeth Whitening System [Fast Results]” video

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