What are excellent ways to do at-home teeth whitening?

At-Home Teeth Whitening: A Convenient Solution

Here we’ll cover all the important things we think you should know about at home teeth whitening in Lincoln, NE:

  • What is the safest way to whiten teeth? At-home teeth whitening options in Lincoln, NE explained.
  • Can all teeth be whitened?Frequently asked questions about at-home teeth whitening.
  • How can I naturally whiten my teeth?
  • Who can make custom at-home whitening kits?
  • Why does at-home teeth whitening make my teeth sensitive?
  • When can I start using my at-home teeth whitening kit?
  • How can I whiten my teeth quickly? Learn how you can be on your way to whiter teeth.

With everyone’s busy schedule, it can be difficult to carve out time just for yourself! With our at-home teeth whitening kit, you can get a beautiful, white smile from the comfort of your own home. Unlike our one-hour professional teeth whitening, you will only come in for a short appointment to start the process. Once your trays are fabricated, you will be able to pick them up and start your at-home teeth whitening procedure right at-home.

Here at Northstar, we’re happy to offer this convenient whitening option. Unfortunately, at-home whitening kits from the store aren’t as effective as you might like. Because they aren’t given out by a dentist, they aren’t allowed to be as concentrated as the ones we keep in our office. However, as a dentist, we can offer highly concentrated solutions and teach you how to use them at your disposal. With our at-home whitening, you can use them as frequently or infrequently as you’d like. As a result, our whitening trays will allow you to customize the shade of your smile.

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In our office, we want you to have control over your smile. Instead of being told how your smile should be by your dentist, our team seeks to give you the tools you need to smile brightly. With education-oriented appointments, we make it a point to let you know how to keep your teeth exactly how you want them.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Options

Not only do we offer in-office teeth whitening, but we also have at-home teeth whitening available. As an affordable dentist, we think you will be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable this whitening option is. While the results will not be as immediate as the in office professional bleaching, you will still get beautiful, white results from our at-home teeth whitening kit.

Because teeth whitening is a form of cosmetic dentistry, a cosmetic evaluation will be done first to ensure you are a good candidate for at-home teeth whitening. If you are, custom molds will be taken of your teeth at that appointment. The molds are then sent to our lab to be fabricated. In about two weeks your trays along with your bleach will be ready to be picked up at our office. One of our dentists will go over with you instructions for use, however you may always call with any questions that may arise.

For instant teeth whitening results at home, we offer Opalescence™ 35% gel, which provides exceptional whitening results while still guarding against sensitivity. Most patients see results in a week or two though each case is unique depending on your level of staining. Other over the counter products have a bleach solution percentage of less than 14% yet still cause sensitivity because of the poor fit vs. custom trays made by a professional dental lab.

Frequently Asked Questions about At-Home Teeth Whitening in Lincoln, NE and How To Whiten Teeth Instantly

At-home teeth whitening is one of the most commonly talked about subjects in our office. We’re happy to help with any questions you might have. Below are the most frequently asked questions we hear in our office about teeth whitening.

How can I naturally whiten my teeth?

While you may have heard of at-home teeth whitening solutions like baking soda, coconut peels, or whitening strips, these solutions are largely unhelpful. A great way to naturally yield results is to see a professional. In our office, we do offer at-home teeth whitening kits which will use a safe, natural, and concentrated solution. Using these, you can both whiten your teeth from home and expect impressive results.

Why does at-home teeth whitening make my teeth sensitive?

Because at-home teeth whitening kits are simply administered over the counter, they often cause sensitivity. This happens because the trays that they come with aren’t custom. As a result, these trays often allow the whitening solution to come into contact with your gums. Instead, we use custom trays that fit perfectly over your smile. The benefit of this is twofold. First, it allows us to safely use a slightly higher concentration of whitening solution, yielding better results. And secondly, these custom trays will prevent whitening solution from your gums, keeping your teeth from becoming sensitive.

Who can make custom at-home teeth whitening kits?

Our office can, as well as a few other dental practices in Lincoln. Instead of hurting your teeth with store-bought kits, use your local dentist’s resources for an affordable teeth whitening solution that will last.

When can I start using my at-home teeth whitening kit?

As soon as you leave our office, you can use your kit as often as you’d like. The nice thing about at-home teeth whitening is that you have the freedom to achieve the shade of teeth you want. By wearing them as frequently or infrequently as you’d like, you gain access to full customization of your teeth.

How can I get started?

To get started, use the form at the bottom of the page to schedule a consultation with us. Be sure to let us know that you’d like to try at-home teeth whitening, and we’ll get you started with all the tools and resources you’ll need. Then you can be completely autonomous until you need to re-stock.

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