Implant Dentistry: Your Second Chance

When it comes to implant dentistry, a tooth implant can replace a single missing tooth or all of your teeth. They provide the strongest foundation for crowns, bridges, and dentures and are considered to be a lifetime treatment. The success rate for a dental implant is 95%. As for tooth replacement options, there is no other treatment in dentistry with a better success rate than that of implant dentistry.

Single Tooth Implants

A single tooth implant. Implant dentistry is a great option for restoring your smile.
  • Missing a front tooth?
  • Have congenitally missing teeth?
  • Are you an adult who still has a baby tooth?
  • Do you have an old dental bridge?

All of these problems can be fixed with implant dentures. A dental implant can replace a missing tooth without sacrificing teeth adjacent to the space where your tooth is missing. Dental implants look like natural teeth while providing you with a permanent solution to your bite, smile, and speech.

Replacing Multiple Teeth With Implants

A dental bridge. Implant dentistry with an implant-supported bridge is an excellent option for those who need to replace several missing teeth that are next to each other.

Dental implants can also replace several missing teeth. An implant supported bridge can replace several missing teeth right next to each other. For instance, if three teeth in a row need to be extracted, an implant supported bridge can be used. This option can be less expensive because you will only pay for two implants plus the pontic (fake) tooth in the middle, rather than three individual implants.

Retaining Permanent Dentures

A hybrid prosthesis. Implant dentistry is an excellent way to restore your smile and oral health.
  • Have you been considering replacing your natural teeth, but are afraid to have your teeth removed?
  • Have you been thinking about permanent dentures that you don’t have to remove?

The above situations are good indications that you should consider the “Teeth-in-One-Day” procedure. This is a revolutionary concept that provides patients with fully functioning teeth on dental implants in one single procedure. The restorative doctor and oral surgeon collaborate on this procedure so you know you’ll receive excellent care.

Frequently Asked Questions about Implant Dentistry

When it comes to implant dentistry, few patients seem to know much about it. Everyone has heard of tooth extraction, root canals, and other restorative procedures. Implant dentistry has a much longer-term restorative prognosis than other procedures. Here are some of our most common questions about implant dentistry.

What does implant dentistry cost? How much should I expect to pay for implant dentures?

Many patients ask how much implant dentures cost. Like many dental procedures, the price can vary significantly depending upon a few factors. For one, implants can be for one or all of your teeth. Each type of implant also costs a different amount. An excellent way to find out how much implant dentures cost is to set up a consultation with our dentists. Our team is happy to talk you through the cost of any procedure and find a consultation to be crucial. We don’t want to offer an inaccurate estimate. Be sure to communicate your needs and desires with our team, and we’ll be happy to help you find an excellent solution!

Are dental implants covered by insurance?

In most cases, dental implants are not covered by insurance. It’s important to ask your insurance what is and isn’t covered. Although this is true in most cases, there are several other payment options that patients often don’t know about! If you don’t have insurance or aren’t covered by insurance, we also accept CareCredit® for your convenience. CareCredit is a healthcare-based credit card that allows you to pay for treatment you need up front and pay off your bill each month instead. In addition to accepting cash, checks, and credit cards, we also offer a handful of our own convenient payment options. Call us today about any financial concerns, we’d be happy to let you know about other possible convenient payment options when you call!

Dr. Michael Burbach from NorthStar Dental in Lincoln, NE.

The information on this page was written by Dr. Michael Burbach.

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