Lost Filling or Crown

Have you recently lost a filling or a crown? If you have a lost filling, don’t worry. While it does need to be handled as quickly as possible, panic won’t help either. It may seem like the end of the world, but we can help. Here at Northstar, we work with lost fillings and crowns often. Remain calm and follow our instructions below, and we can take care of you.

If you have a lost filling or crown, call us right away at 402-742-0000, or at 402-840-9783 if it’s after hours.

A lost filling or crown happens most while eating or while chewing gum. Losing a filling or crown can cause the tooth to become sensitive and vulnerable. Usually, decay beneath the crown or filling causes it to become loose or fall out. The cavity changes the shape of the tooth which can compromise the fit of the filling or crown. If your dentist doesn’t treat it, the tooth can become even more sensitive or infected as debris and bacteria come in contact with it. Surrounding teeth can also shift if a crown is out of the mouth for too long.


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Here are the steps you can take if a filling or crown becomes loose or falls out:

  1. First, call our office or our emergency dentist number (if it’s after hours) if you have lost a filling or crown and are in severe pain.
  2. If you are not in a significant amount of pain, call our office so we can get you an appointment at your convenience.
  3. If you lose a crown, be sure to clean it well and keep it in a safe place because it may be able to be cemented back on your tooth. This will depend on the condition of the tooth.
  4. Most local pharmacies carry a temporary dental cement. You can use this or toothpaste to affix the crown temporarily back in place while you await your appointment. DO NOT use glue or any other type of non-dental material to put the crown back on.
  5. If you a lost filling, you can place clove oil on the tooth (avoid your gums) to help relieve sensitivity.


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Lost Filling

For a lost filling, the emergency dentist will evaluate the tooth to determine the cause. The dentist will then either place a new filling or go over other recommended treatment. Your dentist will try to recement the tooth if the supporting tooth is not decayed or further broken. If you meet with your dentist quickly enough after the filling has fallen out, we can probably fix it without the decay becoming too great. If not, we’ll remove the decay and either perform a root canal or place a new filling.

We will remove any decay first, then place a new filling or crown. Your Nebraska family dentist may need to perform a root canal first if the decay is too extensive or deep. At Northstar, we offer cheap cavity fillings for emergency patients.



If you’re concerned about seeing a dentist, don’t worry. Here at Northstar, we understand. We promise never to lecture you, berate you, or make you feel embarrassed or ashamed. Instead, our goal is to build a genuine relationship with you. You’re welcome here, no matter what your teeth are like or how long it’s been since you’ve seen a dentist. Our number one goal is to help you feel good about yourself, and we believe we can help with that by treating you like family. Because when you’re inside our office, you are family. And that’s a guarantee.

Convenient Payment Options for Lost Fillings

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