Natural-Looking Dental Crowns


Natural Looking Dental Crowns

Our Lincoln, NE dentists are proud to offer natural-looking dental crowns.  Those nickel-free dental crowns look like natural teeth.  Our dentists also offer metal-free crowns to patients that are sensitive to metals.

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Ceramic Natural-Looking Dental Crowns

In the past, the primary method of filling cavities used silver amalgam. While these fillings were built to last, dentists today know that amalgam tends to develop cracks over time. Temperature changes that occur in the mouth make the metal expand and contract, often causing cracks that lead to tooth decay. Ultimately, this decay usually causes the need for root canal therapy or removing the tooth.

Our Lincoln, NE dentists often replace amalgam fillings that have caused severe damage using natural-looking dental crowns.

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Uses For Natural-Looking Crowns

We use natural crowns to fix anything from decayed, cracked or broken teeth all the way to discolored and crooked teeth.

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Natural-Looking Dental Crowns for Damaged Teeth

Dental crowns protect fragile teeth from becoming more damaged. Our Lincoln dentists can fix small problems using dental fillings. However, when a tooth has severe damage or decay, a dental crown is the top option.

Natural-Looking Dental Crowns as Cosmetic Treatment

Our Lincoln, NE dentists also place dental crowns as a cosmetic option. For severely discolored or misshapen teeth, dentists often use a natural-looking dental crown to correct the way a tooth looks.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Natural-Looking Dental Crowns

How long does it take to make a natural-looking dental crown?

There are two steps in making a natural-looking crown. At first appointment, we’ll take an impression of your tooth to make a custom porcelain crown that fits your mouth. We use a temporary dental crown in the meantime. Then, the dental lab will fabricate your permanent, white porcelain crown in about two weeks. We’ll schedule a second appointment, remove your temporary crown, and place your permanent crown. Then you’re all done.

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I just got a new crown. Why does my tooth hurt?

It is normal for a tooth to experience discomfort after crowns are placed. In fact, all dental work causes a small amount of trauma to your teeth. In turn, the tooth or teeth involved will become very slightly inflamed at the nerve, which will cause some tenderness. Over the course of a few days, the nerve will heal, and your discomfort should go away. If it does not go away in a few days, you should call your Lincoln dentist. Sometimes trauma can cause chronic inflammation, which requires further dental work. So if you have any questions or concerns about discomfort under your crown, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re more than happy to talk to you about it.

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How much do natural-looking dental crowns cost?

The cost of a crown can vary greatly. Ceramic dental crowns are made custom for your tooth. Without dental insurance, a tooth-colored crown usually cost about  $1100 in Lincoln, NE. At Northstar, we think the cost of a crown shouldn’t deter anyone from getting the dental care they need and to help, we offer dental payment plans.

If you have dental insurance, most dental insurance will help to cover a portion of the cost for a natural-looking dental crown. Your dental insurance may cover 50-80 % of the cost.

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