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Finding an Affordable Dentist

It’s challenging to find an affordable dentist. We created this blog to help you find tips and tricks on saving money at the dentist! Follow our Nebraska Family Dentistry Facebook and Instagram for more great health and wellness tips.

Convenience For Families

At Northstar Dental, we understand that taking care of a family keeps many people very busy. That’s why we want to make it easy and affordable for you to receive the dental care you need. With our extended evening hours and open offices on the weekend, you won’t have to miss work to take care of your teeth. We believe in being an accessible, affordable dentist for everyone. For that reason, we’ve worked hard over the years to make our dental treatments affordable for everyone.

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We accept most insurance plans. We’re happy to try to submit to any insurance company, but the most common we use are Tricare, Humana, BSBS, Aetna, Ameritas, Metlife, and more. We also offer payment plans to those in need, and we partner with Lincoln Dental Plans to keep your treatment affordable.

We’ll try our hardest perform any necessary treatments on a single visit if it’s convenient for you.

We have five dental offices in Lincoln for your convenience. Call us today or make an appointment online at any of the Nebraska Family Dentistry locations.

How to Make The Most of Your Dental Insurance Plan

Each insurance plan allows only a limited amount of dollar amount for dental treatment each year. Most of the time, the allowable amount is not enough to cover extensive dental treatment. Great things you can do to make the most of your dental plan are some of the following:

  1. Find out limitations of your dental plan: its maximum amount allowed for dental treatment and copays.
  2. Find out what is your calendar year for your insurance plan.  Unfortunately, numerous patients do not realize insurance benefits for each year cannot be carried over to the next year. The bottom line is: what the patient does not use, they lose.
  3. Find out what services are covered by your insurance dental plan. Not all necessary  services may be covered.

Frequently Asked Questions about Affordable Dentist Options

What if I don’t have dental insurance?

To keep dentistry affordable, patients without dental insurance can apply for dental payment plans. The two we suggest are Lincoln Dental Plans and CareCredit. Lincoln Dental Plans is a dental discount plan that makes any of our locations seem like a cheap dentist! The most significant difference, however, is that they’re able to do this without sacrificing high-quality dental care. Click the link to their website or give us a call to learn more.

On the other hand, CareCredit will allow you to pay for any treatment you need upfront! They’re able to do this by acting as a credit card. You pay what you need upfront, and you can then pay it off each month like a credit card.

I need emergency dental care but don’t have insurance. Can you help?

Absolutely. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, call us at 402-840-9783 right away. We can get your payment squared away at our office. However, with dental emergencies, it’s essential to see a dentist as soon as possible to get it worked out. When you come to see us, we’ll be happy to be an affordable dentist you can trust during your emergency.

What if I don’t have insurance or a dental payment plan?

Not to worry. We have options for you too! A quick and easy way to keep your treatments cheap is to pre-pay on your services. Pre-payment entitles you to significant discounts on treatment. Additionally, we offer dental payment plans of our own, and we’d be happy to help you find a great option!

How can I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill in person, over the phone, or online using any one of our accepted payment methods. If you’d like to pay your bill online, use the form at the bottom right of the website!

What if my dental insurance doesn’t cover my treatment?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Unfortunately, most dental insurance isn’t like health insurance. It isn’t built to cover the full cost of  your treatments. Instead, it’s important not to base your treatment on what your insurance covers. Similarly, you should be aware of what your insurance plan does cover so you can be sure to use it efficiently. If you have any questions about your insurance plan, please give us a call. We’re happy to help!

We hope to see you soon at our office. Follow us here on our blog, at our NFD Wellness Blog, or on Facebook to keep updated on dental tips & tricks!


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