Comfortable Tooth Extraction

The thought of a tooth extraction can seem like a scary experience. However, in reality, there’s nothing to fear. In dentistry, our doctor will recommend a tooth extraction in situations where too much damage has been done, and the patient is experiencing a severe toothache or even a tooth abscess. Additionally, individual tooth conditions such as severe tooth decay, a failed root canal, or a cracked tooth, can also require a tooth extraction. In these cases, our Lincoln dentist may refer the patient to someone skilled in such extractions, namely an oral surgeon.

If you’re concerned about having your teeth pulled, don’t worry! We’ll take great care of you. No need to be embarrassed, afraid, or ashamed. Our team is full of dental experts who often work with anxious and uncomfortable patients. Here at Northstar, we’ll treat you like family.

Understanding Your Symptoms

If you have an intense toothache, you may need your tooth removed. Short and shooting pain, extreme tooth sensitivity, abscesses, and severely broken teeth are all warning signs of more severe problems indicating that you should contact our emergency dentist.


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Our Tooth Extraction Process

Our goal for every patient is to have them experience a comfortable tooth extraction. To determine if we can do a tooth extraction at our office, we will examine your tooth and the affected area. We will also review your medical history. Based on our findings, we can decide to remove your tooth at our office or to refer you to an oral surgeon. At our offices, we can offer oral sedation for patients with dental anxiety.  

We’re also partners with Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery (NOFS), located here in Lincoln, NE. If a patient wants IV sedation, or needs an oral surgeon for any reason, Dr. David Rallis at NOFS is excellent and will take great care of you.


Cheap Tooth Extraction with Lincoln Dental Plans

At Northstar Dental, we understand that removing a tooth can seem overwhelming.  This is why we pride ourselves on our gentle dental care and affordable prices for your dental care. One of our goals is to l is provide affordable dental care at a fraction different competitor’s price rates.

If you need more time to complete payment, we are happy to set up monthly payment dental plans with Care Credit or Springstone Financing.  For any other questions or concerns, please contact us.

Note: For those who need a cheap extraction but don’t have dental insurance, we recommend enrolling with our partners at Lincoln Dental Plans. Check out their website to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tooth Extraction

In the media, pulling teeth is used to describe terrible situations. People tend to think that having teeth pulled is a miserable experience. However, this idea is based on the past. Today, tooth extraction is gentle and easy to perform. It’s a standard procedure in this day and age, and we’re happy to help you feel comfortable and safe during the process.

If you still have questions about tooth extraction, we can answer them. Following are some of our most frequently asked questions.

My tooth hurts but I’m not sure if it needs to be removed. What should I do?

In any case, a toothache usually means something serious. If it’s a dental emergency, call us immediately at 402-870-9783. This line is available 24/7, and we’ll get you in as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of a toothache, it may either be a cavity, crack, or break. If we can, we’ll clean the tooth and save it by performing root canal therapy. Otherwise, we’ll need to extract the tooth. Once you meet with our dentist, we’ll be happy to determine the best course of action! And if you have concerns, be sure to communicate them with our team.

What is the cost of an extraction?

We understand your concerns may involve the cost of an extraction and the cost of replacing a missing tooth. Luckily, we work very hard to make tooth extractions as affordable as possible. As an in-network provider, we can provide many patients with dental discounts that make a tooth extraction a very affordable procedure. By any chance you don’t have dental insurance, we offer payment options and dental payment plans to help you to pay for the extraction procedure.

The average price for the removal of a tooth in Lincoln, NE is about $140-$240 depending on the area of your mouth, the difficulty of the tooth removal procedure, or your insurance plan.

Does tooth extraction hurt?

In most cases, we’re able to offer a very comfortable tooth extraction. We strive for this with every single patient. If we aren’t able to remove the tooth painlessly, we’ll do so as gently as possible. We offer sedation dentistry and other forms of gentle dental care. Today, tooth extraction is minimally-invasive, so the old reputation of “having teeth pulled” is no longer accurate.


Check out the “Root Canal vs. Extraction: Which option is better?” video. 


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